Are filipinos allowed to play online casino?

Jamison Bauch asked a question: Are filipinos allowed to play online casino?
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How online casinos hit the jackpot in the philippines

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Filipino players can legally participate in online casino entertainment as long as the destination at which they are playing is located and regulated outside of the Philippines. The Filipino gambling laws do not prohibit players from participating in legally licensed and regulated offshore Internet gambling.


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There are currently around 57 licenced operations at the time of writing, though importantly although it is illegal to run an un-licenced online casino, it is legal for Filipinos to play the games. Though the Philippines doesn’t have quite as many legal operators on the market as, say, the UK, the legal sites that are available to players are of the highest possible standard .

Yes, there are no statutes found in Philippine gambling laws that make it a crime for Filipino residents to play real money casino games online at legally sanctioned offshore online casinos. However, it is important to note that local residents are not allowed to play at online casinos that are based within the nation’s borders.

The problem is that casino sites licensed in the Philippines are not legally allowed to serve Filipino customers – they may only accept players from other countries. Many of the world’s biggest names in online gambling have business interests in the Philippines and are therefore obligated to abide by our gaming laws.

Filipinos may however place bets online and so they are legally allowed to play casino games online and place bets. Minimum Age for Gambling Gambling in the Philippines is only open to those 21 years or older. This law is has

Still, Filipinos are very devoted to gambling in the Philippines - both online and offline and it is our mission to discover whether the list of online casinos in the Phillippines available for legal play will or won't make you happy.

The thing is, online casinos brands can get the online gambling license of Philippines issued in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and provide their services to the international customers but, according to the online gambling law in Philippines, the Filipino online casinos are not allowed to accept bets from the Filipino players.

While Filipino players may not have access to any local or state based online casinos, there are no restrictions placed upon them concerning offshore casino gambling. In fact, a court ruling in 2012 clarified that there are indeed no provisions within Philippines Law, including Presidential Decree 1602 , that make it illegal for citizens to place bets.

You may have several questions when it comes to legal online casino gambling in the Philippines. This is a good thing. Online gambling can be a tricky market given a country’s gambling laws. That is why we developed this page to ...

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