Are game refuge exempt from hunting?

Alexandra Tremblay asked a question: Are game refuge exempt from hunting?
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  • Hunting activities are usually allowed within the refuge perimeter. However, most State Game Refuges in California are located on privately owned land or on public lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service and are merely "no hunting" zones rather than refuges.

By law, hunting and fishing on refuges is closed to the public unless otherwise opened as a priority public use by the Secretary of Interior… Some units do not allow hunting at all—currently, 197 refuges do not allow any form of hunting. Some units are only open for certain species of game.


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Big Game Season Dates

Future Big Game Season Dates
Northern Zone
Early Antlerless - Deer (bowhunting only)9 consecutive days beginning on the 2nd Saturday of September
Regular—Deer (bowhunting only)October 1 through December 31
Special Firearms Season—DeerFirst Sunday in January through January 31
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