Can you play ps4 games online with ps3 players?

Ephraim Lemke asked a question: Can you play ps4 games online with ps3 players?
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Gta v calling all ps4 & ps3 players

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Sony announced today in a comprehensive Q&A posted to the PlayStation Blog that PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users can play together online if developers choose to support it for their games. "The functionality is technically possible and some developers may choose to support it for their titles," the Q&A read.


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How to play ps4 and ps3 at the same time

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Ps4 players and xbox players can play together! cross platform between xbox and ps4 (xbox vs. ps4) Why can't i play my games online with my friends?
  • If you haven’t done that, every time you try to take your games online, the firewall will block them. Also, do check if your games are legitimate or not. Pirated and or cracked games cannot be used for online multiplayer. Getting a faster and more reliable connection works almost all the time.

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