Do casinos really have coin pushers?

Easton Lueilwitz asked a question: Do casinos really have coin pushers?
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These were the only pusher machines ever seen in American casinos. They were very popular in their day, but there hasn't been one in a casino for over 20 years now. A few still exist and show up occasionally at auctions of coin-operated machines.

Normally no, but if the casino has an arcade, its possible. I have seen other versions of them that are rigged more like a gaming machine but few exist anymore outside of novelty casinos. Most casinos don't have any coin operated machines at all anymore.

The casinos did, of course, make a little money on Flip-It machines. A lot of quarters spill over the side edges and disappear into the bowels of the machine. That's the casino hold. Basic strategy is to insert the coins into the center slots, so as to avoid the edges as much as possible.


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None in casinos, just arcades. Those are a thing of the past in the casinos. They used to be everywhere until the mid 90's. Not sure why they disappeared.

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By comparison, casinos in the state house 24,000 licensed slot machines… Some types of machines confiscated were identified as “coin pushers,” arcade-like games that POM does not manufacture. A spokesperson for the PA State Police did not answer if any of the machines in the last round of seizures were from POM.

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You can find quarter pushers, flip-it machines, or coin pushers in casinos, on cruise ships, and even in some convenience stores. The odds of winning on a quarter pusher can vary due to the temperature, humidity, dirtiness of the coins (which adds additional friction), and the tilt angle the machine is set to.

When I first came to Las Vegas in the eighties, a lot of the casinos had coin-pusher machines. You inserted your quarter and hoped that it that shoved coins in the machine off a ledge and into a chute to be delivered to you. They have them now in arcades, but they disappeared long ago from casinos.

There's all these prizes of money, chips, even gold coins and a lot of $100 prizes. But, at the start of the day the machine can only hold so many quarters, so at the end of the day it can't really have many more quarters in it yet it will have given away quite a few $100 chips and bundles of notes!

4. Re: Coin pusher machines? 1 year ago. Save. PA is relatively new to the casino game, and thus only have modern slot machines. Likewise, NJ took them out over a decade ago. There are one or two old casinos in the Freemont Street, Las Vegas area that still use coins, but that's all I know.

Recently, they spoke of "new coin pushers" recently installed in same casino that were loud and paying alot while they were playing the elvis coin pusher. So, with all this being said, I know they exist and are currently playable in a casino within driving distance of Wooster OH.

Most casinos dont have coin pushers because its a skill game, not chance. Most of the novelty gaming videos on youtube are fake. Claw machines, stop machines, coin pushers. They own their own. Fill them, and them film themselves cleaning them out.

It is completely fake. Most casinos dont have coin pushers because its a skill game, not chance. Most of the novelty gaming videos on youtube are fake..

Catching a coin in a cup pays a prize up to $25. The coins then fall onto a standard pusher table for a second chance. These were the only pusher machines ever seen in American casinos. They were very popular in their day, but there hasn’t been one in a casino for over 20 years now.

I don't think there any coin-paying machines around now. The main way the casino makes money on these machines is because the coins that spill over on the far edges don't get returned to the players but go into the machine instead. Another way the casino makes money is by having a time limit on how long the game lasts after you drop a quarter.

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