Does hdr work in non hdr games?

Orie Flatley asked a question: Does hdr work in non hdr games?
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According to Microsoft, Auto HDR will intelligently add color and brightness information to your games, as long as you have a compatible monitor. You can see how the feature works in the comparison above. Microsoft uses greyscale to show the parts of the image that a non-HDR display can successfully replicate.


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  • Yes, just as G-Sync is worth it under the right circumstances and for the right user, FreeSync is also worth it in certain scenarios for certain users. If you already have an AMD GPU, or you’re building (or buying) a new mid-range to high-end gaming computer that will have an AMD GPU in it, then a FreeSync monitor would be worth it for you.

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Hands On: Playing Non-VR PS4 Games on PlayStation VR. Putting the Cinematic Mode through its paces. by Sammy Barker Thu 6th Oct 2016; Share: 22

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