Eso god of schemes quest who to sacrifice?

Bernhard Herman asked a question: Eso god of schemes quest who to sacrifice?
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  • You need to pick which companion to sacrifice: Varen, Lyris or Sai. You can talk to each one, or you can choose to tell the one you want directly. Once you have made your choice, you need to stand on the yellow rune circle and wait for the ritual.


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🎮 How to start sacrifice quest?

  • The quest is unlocked by completing the Apostasy Prologue. Once unlocked, the quest can be started from the Codex, and the cinematic will begin once you go to your Personal Quarters and interact with ‘the helmet’. How do you start the umbra quest in Warframe? WARFRAME How To Get The Sacrifice Quest – Sacrifice Quest

🎮 Where does the god of schemes quest take place?

  • God of Schemes is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. It takes place in Heart's Grief, Molag Bal's fortress and temple to himself. It is the most feared place in Coldharbour. United as the Five Companions with Lyris Titanborn, Abnur Tharn, The Prophet and Sai Sahan, the Soulless One is able to take back their soul from Molag Bal.

🎮 How to access the sacrifice quest for warframe?

  • As you all the Sacrifice Quest is in Cert so its only a matter of time before it goes live on Ps4 and Xbox so here are the requirements on how to access the Sacrifice Quest. If your a new player then you have to go and do the previous quests that will lead you to this one. Drop a Like, Comment and Subscribe For More Vids!

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