Finding out when you started a steam game?

Rickey Krajcik asked a question: Finding out when you started a steam game?
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When you open steam and go to your profile and in the section Recent activity click on All recent activity, choose the game you want and then click on Personal Game Data (not every game will have this button) and there is information "Started playing ..." etc.


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🎮 How can i see when i started playing a game?

  • You can do this for some games. When you open steam and go to your profile and in the section Recent activity click on All recent activity, choose the game you want and then click on Personal Game Data (not every game will have this button) and there is information "Started playing ..."

🎮 How do i find out when a game was purchased on steam?

  • In the top left of your steam application, above the Library button there is a menu that says Help, now click on that and go to Steam Support (make sure you have played the game recently) click on the game you wish to view and it will tell you when it was purchased (Yes it works with free games too)

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Open your Steam Client. Click your name in the upper right hand corner. Select Account Details. Under "Store and Purchase History" click the link to "View Purchase History"

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How do I see my total play time on Steam?

  • If you’ve played that game already, you should be able to see the category “Play Time”, right beneath the game’s title. If you want to see the total time played on Steam, you’ll have to click through each of the games and add up the times yourself.

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