Game of thrones board game how does discard work?

Adrianna Schneider asked a question: Game of thrones board game how does discard work?
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When instructed to “discard” power, the player takes the Power tokens from his available power and returns them to the Power Pool. A player may only collect, receive, or discard Power tokens bearing the insignia of his own House. removed from the game board and returned to a player's available units in his play area.


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  • Some allow a player to discard and draw four cards if the fifth card is an ace. Some allow a player to discard four or all five cards unconditionally. With these rules the likelihood of running out of cards during the draw process is increased.

🎮 How does combat work in a board game?

  • The combat is driven by cards that have two halves, the top half usually represents an attack whereas the bottom triggers some sort of a move. With two cards per turn, each player has to choose one top and one bottom card action, which can result in interesting and engaging combinations.

🎮 How does dragon xp work in game of thrones?

  • The grey bar shows you the XP gain from your selected food (this includes trinkets or other XP buffs). The green bar is the bonus you get from your “Dragon XP Status” on top. The Talent bar works same as the “Dragon Level Status” bar and got the same color coding. It shows you the status until you get your next dragon talent point!

🎮 How does photosynthesis work as a board game?

  • Take your trees through their life-cycle, from seedling to full bloom to rebirth, and earn points as their leaves collect energy from the revolving sun's rays. Carefully pick where you sow and when you grow, as trees in the shadows are blocked from light, and from points. This game features realistic gameplay and beautiful graphics.

🎮 How does square off chess board work?

You press a button on the side to start a game. When you move a piece, you tap it once on its current square and tap it again on the square you're moving it to. An audio beep confirms your move. Pieces move automatically by themselves.

🎮 How does stack work on a board game?

  • Stack is a simple dice rolling and collecting game. Players stack dice on top of their opponents dice to "capture" stacks. Once a stack of dice reaches 4 high, it is frozen and points awarded to the owning player. Players have the option of re-rolling a die before stacking it.

🎮 How does the date system work in game of thrones?

  • The Northerners, descended from the First Men who were never conquered by the Andals, have a decidedly negative view of the Andal invasions. The dating system is based on the War of Conquest. Thus all dates are "BC" for "Before Conquest" or "AC" for "After Conquest".

🎮 How does the dragon bar work in game of thrones?

  • This bar shows you the progress of your current level as a blue bar. When you have selected a food, it will also show you two additional bars. The grey bar shows you the XP gain from your selected food (this includes trinkets or other XP buffs). The green bar is the bonus you get from your “Dragon XP Status” on top.

🎮 How does the teleport work in game of thrones?

  • Use The Teleport Function To Head To Safer Ground. The Teleport function is available outside your city, and it allows you to head to a safer part of the map. Now if you’ve knocked off some impressive competition, chances are you’ll have a bulls-eye of sorts on you, with everyone in the immediate vicinity.

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A Game of Thrones: The Board Game captures the most memorable elements of George R.R. Martin's popular series. The detailed board represents an accurate map of Westeros, and the tokens and cards convey many of its most significant locations and characters.

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