Game of thrones what character did the mountain kill?

Guido Wilderman asked a question: Game of thrones what character did the mountain kill?
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Elia's brother Oberyn Martell volunteers as Tyrion's champion to expose Gregor as a murderer. Oberyn wounds Gregor with a poisoned spear, but the Mountain is ultimately victorious, admitting to murdering Elia and Aegon before crushing Oberyn's skull.


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🎮 Game of thrones character who stinks?

Theon Greyjoy
Portrayed byAlfie Allen
In-universe information
AliasesPrince of Fools Theon Turncloak The Squid Prince Reek Theon Kinslayer The Prince of Stink

🎮 How did arya kill joffrey in game of thrones?

  • When Joffrey turns on Arya and threatens her, her direwolf Nymeria reacts in defense of her mistress and mauls Joffrey's right arm, and Arya throws his sword in the river. Joffrey begs for his life. Sansa offers her aid, but Joffrey refuses her help because she saw him so weak and defeated.

🎮 How did arya kill the night king in game of thrones?

  • Instead, Arya got the hero’s moment at the end of the Battle of Winterfell. After thousands fell during the fight in “The Long Night,” Arya managed to kill the Night King — and destroy every single White Walker and wight in the process. She saved Winterfell and all of humankind.

🎮 How did oberyn fight the mountain in game of thrones?

  • Oberyn fights against the Mountain in the trial by combat. Oberyn, after impressing the crowd with a display of acrobatic spear maneuvers, goes on the attack, stabbing out at Gregor and constantly moving out of the knight's reach, forcing Gregor to tire himself out chasing his opponent.

🎮 How did theon greyjoy kill the boys in game of thrones?

  • It was probably Cleftjaw himself (or Theon's men) who actually killed the boys and burned the bodies. He may not have wielded the knife or torch, but he fully knew what was going to happen. In episode 7 of season 2 he says: Theon Greyjoy: It's better to be cruel than weak. His men did not respect him, neither did the inhabitants of Winterfell.

🎮 How strong was the mountain on 'game of thrones'?

  • His strength was why he became such a vital figure in the Lannisters' forces since he was not opposed to doing the dirty work. The Mountain killed a massive amount of people during his time on Game of Thrones, and many of them were innocent villagers or ill-equipped fighters.

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Who is Your Favorite Game of Thrones character?

  • Tyrion Lannister has been hailed as Britain’s favourite Game of Thrones character.

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Who is the witch in Game of Thrones?

  • Rose Leslie, who plays the wild warrior Ygritte in Game of Thrones, is joining Vin Diesel in The Last Witch Hunter, Summit’s supernatural action project. Breck Eisner is directing Witch Hunter, which sees a semi-immortal witch hunter (Diesel) wandering the streets of modern New York City forced to partner with his natural enemy, a female witch.

🎮 Why did drogon not kill jon in game of thrones?

  • There's no rule that says dragons won't kill Targaryens - dragons attacked other dragons countless times during the Targaryen Civil War known as The Dance of the Dragons, after all - but Jon's blood and, more importantly, his connection to Daenerys and Drogon was likely a factor in his survival.

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Why did jeoffry kill himself game of thrones?
  • Why did Joffrey kill himself? According to, the prophecy predicts that Cersei’s children will not survive her — and now, that’s absolutely clear. Joffrey was killed by poison, likely the result of a plan hatched by Lady Olenna Tyrell and Littlefinger but blamed on Sansa Stark and Tyrion Lannister.
Why did joffrey baratheon kill ros on game of thrones?
  • Why he did it, and who else was to blame. On Game of Thrones, killing the prostitute Ros not only satisfied King Joffrey Baratheon's twisted desires but helped Petyr "Littlefinger" Balish strike a blow to his enemies. Joffrey emerged as a villain during season 1 of the HBO series, but the lingering influence of his parents suppressed his bullying.
Why did king joffrey kill ros in game of thrones?
  • On Game of Thrones, King Joffrey was a merciless tyrant, but one of his most disturbing kills was Ros. Why he did it, and who else was to blame. On Game of Thrones, killing the prostitute Ros not only satisfied King Joffrey Baratheon's twisted desires but helped Petyr "Littlefinger" Balish strike a blow to his enemies.
Why did king tommen of game of thrones kill himself?
  • Tommen may have been too young for the Iron Throne, and he might have been a king unfit to make worthwhile decisions for himself, his people, and all of Westeros, but there's no denying he did his best.
Why did the mountain kill oberyn in game of thrones?
  • Oberyn wanted to avenge his sister's rape and death at the hands of Gregor. The Mountain confessed to the killing before crushing Oberyn's skull with his bare hands. Even though The Mountain came out victorious from the duel, he too succumbed to his injuries as Oberyn had his weapon coated in poisonous venom.
Why did they kill pycelle in game of thrones?

Maester Pycelle had warned Cersei about the "arrogance that had [Qyburn] expelled from the Citadel," which clearly won him no favors with Qyburn… Pycelle may have been a terrible, flawed person, but by killing him the way he did, Qyburn sent a message that a new, darker era has arrived at King's Landing.