Games slow down when obs is open?

Reggie Barrows asked a question: Games slow down when obs is open?
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5. Your GPU is maxed out and OBS can't render scenes fast enough. Running a game without vertical sync or a frame rate limiter will frequently cause performance issues with OBS because your GPU will be maxed out. OBS requires a little GPU to render your scene.


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  • As we know, games running on computer are power-intensive. If your computer becomes overheating, it will automatically shut down in case the CPU or GPU temperature hits the critical levels. This can protect itself from major hardware failures.
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If any of the hardware components in your computer is malfunctioning, then it can lead to unexpected computer shutdown… Faulty RAM strips are common causes of the computer shutdown. If you have installed the latest graphics card but have older and dated PSU, then it might be causing the issue due to power fluctuation.

Why is my epic games app so slow?
  • Usually, the process for downloading also does unpacking for game files. So, when the launcher is “stuck”, in most cases, it unpacks the files that the launcher is downloading. However, it is no secret that the Epic Games app is prone to a behaivors such as not downloading the game at all. What do you do in these cases, is there a fix?
Why is obs lagging my game?
  • During the recording, if you are running OBS along with other heavyweight tasks like gameplay, YouTube playback, movie playback, well, your clapped-out hardware will crash due to the exceeded processes ensemble. As a result, your CPU and GPU will be working overloaded to handle the processes which will cause lags to your computer as well as OBS.
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  • There are three basic reasons for slow online gaming connections: 1 There is an issue with the game server being overloaded. 2 Your machine cannot handle the game graphics. 3 Your internet connection is too slow (most likely). More ...
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  • System will use the discrete GPU when you run power-intensive apps or video games. Sometimes, the OBS display capture black screen is due to the low-performance GPU. In that case, you can try switching the GPU that OBS is using to fix the black screen issue. Step 1. When you get the OBS studio black screen problem, you should turn it down first.