Has the cardinals game been cancelled?

Alexandria Moen asked a question: Has the cardinals game been cancelled?
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Louis Cardinals Ticket Update. While the start of the 2020 regular season has been delayed for at least two weeks, no games have been cancelled.


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  • Braves- Marlins game cancelled following death of Jose Fernandez. The Atlanta Braves and Miami Marlins have cancelled their series finale on Sunday afternoon following the tragic death of Marlins ace Jose Fernandez.

🎮 Is the cubs game cancelled?

  • Sunday’s game between the Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field has been cancelled due to inclement weather. The game has been rescheduled for Monday, May 14 at 2:20 p.m. This afternoon’s game between the Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field has been postponed due to the forecast for inclement weather throughout the day.

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Is the red sox game cancelled?
  • It’s the first postponement of the game — which has been scheduled annually since 1959 — for weather since 1984. The game was canceled due to a players’ strike in 1995.
Is the sabres game cancelled tonight?

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What happens if the tides game is postponed?

  • The Tides will personally contact the group leaders to inform them that the game has been postponed. The Tides will then work with the group leaders to reschedule each group's event.
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The Pac-12 has canceled the WSU football game at Stanford on Saturday. The conference said Saturday night's game has been called off because the Cougars don't have enough scholarship players available because of positive COVID-19 tests and contact tracing.

Who pitched the cardinals game today?

Who's on your GD ballot for the Cardinals?

  • GD ballot: Dick Allen/Ken Boyer/Gil Hodges/Jim Kaat/Roger Maris/Minnie Miñoso/Danny Murtaugh/Tony Oliva/Billy Pierce/Maury Wills. Starting pitcher Steven Matz and the Cardinals finalized a $44 million, four-year contract Monday, giving St. Louis the shutdown left-hander it desperately sought for a rotation that otherwise returns intact next season.
Why did cardinals game get cancelled?

Cardinals Tuesday game postponed due to rain, doubleheader with Mets set for Wednesday. ST. LOUIS — The Cardinals will not play baseball on Tuesday night. Around 7:30, the Cardinals announced that Game 2 of the the team's series at Busch Stadium against the New York Mets had been postponed due to inclement weather.