How are alliance cards used in game of thrones?

Penelope Ryan asked a question: How are alliance cards used in game of thrones?
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  • Introduced in the Ice and Fire Block, Alliance cards may be used instead of a regular House cards. They allow a player to use characters, attachments, and locations from either of the two Houses indicated on the Alliance card without penalty, at the cost of requiring an additional 5 power to win the game.


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  • The House card selected will often restrict cards allowed in the remainder of the deck, by limiting cards that are marked as being allowed solely for another House. Characters, Locations, and Attachments often have a House affiliation, and often are used in decks running a matching House card.

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  • Faction cards are double sided: the front is the main faction card, while the reverse side is an agenda that allows you to include non-loyal cards of that faction in another deck. A starter deck for every faction is included in the Core Set. You can make your deck with cards from a single faction,...

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  • … Based on the epic HBO series, Game of Thrones: The Card Game is a card game in which two players wage war in the fields of Westeros and conspire to crush their opponents at court in King's Landing. Two fixed, fifty-card decks allow players to take control of either House Lannister or House Stark.

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Includes 240 fixed cards featuring a complete deck for the Starks, the Lannisters, the Baratheons and the Targaryens, and six massive plastic title figurines, gold dragon tokens, power counters and a game board.

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