How do you start the main quest in daggerfall eso?

Lolita Klocko asked a question: How do you start the main quest in daggerfall eso?
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The Main Quest starts in the starter city of your alliance when you talk to the Hooded Figure and you'll experience the original Coldharbor tutorial. This will dump you on your alliance's starter island(s).


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Should I do the main quest first or the side quests?

  • So if you play the game at least two times. mix stuff. up take different sides. on your first, I would do the main quest last. ON your second, when your more experience, then do the main quest first, or first-ish. so you have the added fun]

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🎮 What does it mean if a quest is green eso?

nope....the color is to indicate the designed level of the quest compared to your own. So if a quest is below your level it is green (or gray if it is far beyond your level). when it is an your level it is yellow and further up it turns red. So it is just an indication for the level, not the difficulty or the reward. (

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  • Set 6 years after the ending of Arena, the Main Quest in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall is a series of quests that all lead to putting Lysandus to rest and activating the Numidium. The protagonist is The Agent. Privateer's Hold – The ship which was meant to transport the agent crashes during a storm.

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  • When Freedom Calls is not actually a part of the Main Quest in Fallout 4, but it will direct you toward where you need to be to proceed with the story. It is actually the first in a series of early-game quests that are optional and lead you to learning about the Settlements System (Guide) in the game.

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