How does the card game in final fantasy 8 work?



Video answer: Final fantasy 8 bonus video explaining triple triad and a few other mechanics

Final fantasy 8 bonus video explaining triple triad and a few other mechanics

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A game of Triple Triad. The winner gets to choose a card or more from the loser. Depending on the current trade rule, the player can win cards off their opponents in Triple Triad games, and there are side quests that yield cards as rewards…

  • The absolute simplest explanation of the game is that it plays like the card game, WAR. A number on one player's card will be played against a number on the other player's card. The high number wins the turn. Each player is assigned a color at the start of the game, either red or blue. One player's cards will have a red background.


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Final fantasy viii - infinite gf and player card trick

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One way or another, if a game is anything but a draw, cards will be exchanged. If you lose you’re going to lose cards - if you win, you’re going to gain cards. Trade rules can be helpful, or very dangerous. One: The winner of the game gets to select one of their opponent’s cards to take.

Multiple cards may change color during a turn. Once the grid is filled with cards, the game is determined to be a win/loss or a draw. At this point, the player that has the most cards of their color on the grid wins the game. Each card in this Final Fantasy VIII mini-game features four numbers that form a cross in the top left corner. The numbers range from one through nine and A, which is number 10.

Blackjack is a minigame in Final Fantasy IX based on the real-world Blackjack card game. The game can be accessed at the end of the game, once The End screen is displayed and the " Prelude " plays by inputting a specific button combination. The dealer deals out of two decks and stands on 17, and the game begins with a bankroll of 1,000.

The card in the middle ties both the card on the left and the card on the right, so it triggers a Same and will flip both cards. Both cards don't have to be your opponents, you can match one of...

The “Random” Triple Triad rule eliminates your ability to choose which cards you want to play with during any given match. Instead, the game randomly selects 5 Triple Triad Cards from all of the available cards that you have on your person.

It's just random. Happens when a card wins a duel/fight against another card. Essentially just keep using and fighting with the same cards until it happens - you might get lucky and have it only take two games or get unlucky and have it take 200 games.

There are four different ones in the game: One - Winner takes one card from loser Diff - Winner takes number of cards from loser equal to the difference in their scores (for example, if you win a...

Tetra Master is played between two players on a four-by-four square grid of blank spaces, where cards are placed as the game progresses. Cards are pictured with various characters, monsters or other items mainly from Final Fantasy IX, which are familiar to the player. Each card features four values written across the card, and may have arrows along the sides or in the corners.

In case of a draw, the game is continued until one of the players wins. Both players continue with the cards which were in their possession at the end of the last round. In other words, there's no draw game. You'll keep playing with the cards you flipped the round before.

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