How many cards in sequence game?



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Seven cards

The number of cards dealt to each player varies by the number of people playing: Two Players: Seven cards each. Three Players: Six cards each. Four Players: Six cards each.

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Playing Board 19 + 3 ⁄ 4 by 15 + 1 ⁄ 4 inches (500 mm × 390 mm); Instructions; 135 poker chips (50 blue, 50 green, 35 red); two full standard card decks (52 cards each, 104 cards total). Game rules. Sequence can be played with 2 to 12 players. More than 12 players cannot play.

When using a corner only four additional cards are necessary to complete a sequence. More than one player can use the same corner space. For example: it can be used in both a horizontal sequence for one team and a diagonal sequence for another.

104 Sequence Cards; When two players or teams are playing, use only blue and green marker chips. Red chips are used only when there is a third player or third team. Joker cards are not used in the play of the Sequence game. Object of the Game. For 2 players or 2 teams: One player or team must score TWO SEQUENCES before their opponents.

The dealer will deal out the same number of cards to each player. In the . case of two players, each player gets 7 cards. In the case of two teams, each player gets . 6 cards. The remaining cards form the draw pile to use through the game. Always, begin the game with the player that drew the lowest card during the cut and continue in a clockwise . direction.

The Sequence Board Game Which Includes: The Board; 104 playing cards (2 decks of 52 cards each, no jokers) 50 green poker chips; 50 blue poker chips; 35 red poker chips; The Idea. The objective of the game is to make a sequence of 5 poker chips of the same color, either horizontally, vertically (up and down), and diagonally.

Your goal in the game of Sequence is to get 5 chips in a row on the game board. Sequence can be played individually or as teams. Either way, Sequence is a great choice for the entire family and will have you plotting to figure out the best method to outsmart your opponents.

Just as it did in the beginning, the standard Sequence game comes with two decks of cards (52 cards each). The game board depicts two of each card in the deck -- except Jokers, which should be taken out of the decks, and Jacks, which are wild (more about that later). The cards appear in a 10-across and 10-down grid on the board.

Observe the board. The Sequence board is made up of 100 miniature images of each card in 2 complete decks of playing cards, besides the 4 jacks. As your cards are being dealt to you, become familiar with the board. Try to find the 2 spots that look like smaller versions of each card you have.

Sequence is a board game consisting of 104 playing cards and 135 poker chips, 35 red, 50 blue and 50 green. It is a game of strategy in which you match wits with your opponent in a race toward victory.

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