How many games fit on 3ds sd card?

Lulu Champlin asked a question: How many games fit on 3ds sd card?
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You can fit 22 games and 2 SD cards.

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Most eShop games clock in under 2,000 blocks. A 32GB card is around 250,000 blocks. Definitely over 100, and probably up to around 200 eShop games would fit. Easy math: 1MB = 8 blocks 1GB = 8,192 ...

I pretty much just use my SD card for eShop downloads not available on a physical copy. Might expand later but now still have 11k blocks open. CaviarMeths wrote:

Yep. I went through my list of games, selected every game that I thought I might conceivably want to play again in the future, and it only came to 2.2GB. 4GB of games is too many to scroll through you'd need folders, and then it kinda becomes like you are simply putting games on your card for the sake of it.

With the maximum number of apps of 300, you would need an SD card of just under 1.2 TB to fit all 300 copies, theoretically. But of the 65 games on my 3DS, only 19 are retail games (digital, but...

How to get free 3ds games on SD card? Do you know that your SD card can grasp more than 300 hundred titles and files? Nintendo Switch is a fast way, which will know you that you cannot own such 3D games.

I have 9 full retail games downloaded and 36 VC (GB,GBA, etc)/indie/smaller titles downloaded on a 32GB Micro SD, along with other minor things on the card like a few photos, software and demos... With 116,656 blocks still available. If that helps you gauge how much you can fit on a 32gb.

Does anyone know about how many 3ds titles (like Animal Crossing, the new Zelda - full 3ds games that you'd buy in a store) will fit on the SD card? I already have Mariokart 7 downloaded along with a couple of VC games. I just want to know how much I can download before I need to worry about running out of space.

As in legitimately would run out of money faster than it would take to fill up 2gb. If you are trying to download full sized 3DS games you might be able to hold 1-2 depending on the games. Since you are still getting games I would suggest just stick with your current sd card unless you are downloading like a 4gb game tomorrow.

I located the Nintendo 3ds folder on the o3ds SD card and transferred the DBs folder to the new folder with the new Nintendo ID but when I tried to use faketik again it crashed. I am missing something and I couldn't find a proper answer to my predicament, and I'd love if any of you could share any insights.

for just eshop games 16 GB should be plenty, but if you can find a cheap 32GB it's nice to have just in case you suddenly want portable 3D movies. I have 34 VC games 9 3DS ware 8 demoes/videos, a few apps, 11 theathrhythm DLC songs and a patch on my 8GB SD card and I still have 70% or more of my gigs left on my card.

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