How many video games were sold for the sega megadrive console?

Maida Simonis asked a question: How many video games were sold for the sega megadrive console?
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🎮 Can you play sega genisis games on the sega megadrive 2?

with modifications, yes

🎮 How do you play sega megadrive games on a psp?

Assuming you mean the 'SEGA Mega Drive Collection' UMD, just insert it into the PSP, the instructions for the games should be in the manual or at least explained in-game.

🎮 Does sega still manufacture a video game console?

Sega no longer makes a video gaming system. You can still find some of the older consoles and games for sale on

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In total, there were 915 different video games released for this system. That does not include prototype games that were never released to the public.

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How many sega genesis games are there?

there are eight at the moment

How many sega saturn games there are?

There are a total of 1,933, though games released in more than one region will appear more than once in that figure. A more accurate figure would be 1,263 as that is the number of different games released in Japan alone.

What video game console has the most video games?

the wii, saying that you can also download old/unreleased video games. Plus, if you have facebook, you can play games on that while on your wii if your wii is connected to the Internet and you have the Internet channel.

What was the name of the first games console created by sega?

Sega Mega drive

How many video games were invented till now?

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How many resident evil games were released for the gamecube console?

6 Resident Evil games were released for the Nintendo GameCube console. These would include Resident Evil 1, 2, and 3, which were remakes of the original PlayStation games, as well as Resident Evil Code Veronica X, Resident Evil 0, and the critically-acclaimed Resident Evil 4.

Can sega genesis 2 play sega genesis games?

The Sega Genesis Model 2 is just a compacter (smaller) version of the Sega Genesis. So yes it can Lets say it like this : Sega Genesis (phat) = model 1 and The Sega Genesis (slim) = model 2 Hope i helped

Do sega games work on all sega consoles?

No. Genesis games only work in Genesis machines, Master System games only work for their intended consoles and same thing with Game Gear games. Needless to say, Dreamcast games only work on Dreamcast.

Can you play video games on a video game console?
  • Video game consoles are incredibly complex machines, and an emphasis is placed on being a one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs. Playing Blu-rays, watching your favorite streaming services, and playing current and retro games are all possible on most consoles.
How many sega mega drive games are there?

there is 915 released games on the English pal version

Can you play sega genesis games on sega 32x?

I think so

Can you play sega genesis games on sega saturn?

No. Sega Genesis games can only be played on a Sega Genesis or Sega Nomad, and some other consoles with Genesis compatibility.

Do sega genesis games work in sega mega drives?

Yes, they are essentially the same thing.

Does sega master games play in sega mega drive?

You will need a power base converter

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