How much are sweeps coins worth on global poker?

Ewald Kemmer asked a question: How much are sweeps coins worth on global poker?
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The difference between gold coins and sweeps cash

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Each Sweeps Coin that has been won through game play (rather than collected using one of the methods described in Section 3 above) can be redeemed for a prize with value being equivalent to US$1. 4.5.

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In order to fully enjoy the variety of games at Global Poker, you may decide to purchase a Gold Coins package, available in the following denominations: USD 2.00 for 10,000 Gold Coins ; USD 5.00 for 25,000 Gold Coins with 4 FREE Sweeps Coins; USD 10.00 for 50,000 Gold Coins with 9 FREE Sweeps Coins

Many poker lovers in the U.S. and Canada have been enjoying Global Poker’s offerings in the time since its December 2016 launch. Players on the site appreciate the social gaming theme, the ...

Sweeps Coins are sweepstakes entry tokens, specifically used to play Global Poker’s sweepstakes games. Sweeps Coins may come as a FREE bonus with the purchase of Gold Coins Package or through an alternative method of entry. No purchase is necessary to obtain Sweeps Coins. Sweeps Coins won from gameplay can be used to play more games or be redeemed for prizes (pending account review and eligibility verification as stated in our Terms and Conditions).

At Global Poker, you buy Gold Coins, which are like play money. You then get free Sweeps Coins equal to your purchase amount. Buy 100,000 Gold Coins for $20 and you’ll get 20 bonus Sweeps Coins. You then play “sweepstakes” via cash games and tournaments.

When you buy extra gold coins - for however many gold coins you buy, the value of Sweepscash is shown in the deposit window and automatically deposited in your Global Poker account. By entering Sweeps giveaway competitions - you'll find various competitions listed on the Global PokerFacebook Page , plus there are plenty of contests emailed out to subscribers in email newsletters.

Try Global Poker for FREE! We are pleased to offer you an exclusive welcome package at Global Poker. Sign up through the link below and get a $40 Gold Coin Package, including 200,000 Gold Coins for just $20, plus Bonus Free 40 Sweeps Coins! Plus get a Free $20 Gold Coin Package absolutely FREE once you verify your account!

Basically you are paying for play money but get a 100% match in sweeps cash which has real money value. Global Poker used to give you a free $2 in sweeps cash just for signing up, but it sounds like they don’t do that anymore, if your sweeps cash balance is $0.

Global doesn't exactly provide a wealth of benefits to new customers. With every registration, the user gets $2 in $weeps and 10,000 Gold Coins. This at least gives newcomers the chance to check out the poker action in both currencies on the house albeit for very small stakes. There's no deposit bonus of any kind.

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