How often do pro poker players play?

Olga Kuhic asked a question: How often do pro poker players play?
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Average across 100 sessions is probably around 90%, but it seems like some of these nosebleed players can even have multiple bad years. They could be as low as 60% across 100 sessions. Re: how often do pro's win? These numbers look ok with what other people say.

  • The other important consideration is how long you play poker. Kondler notes that 15-20 hours of play per week can be enough to qualify as “professional poker player”.

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Amateur Poker Players vs. Pros Amateurs – For the purpose of this article, an amateur player is someone who plays about 1-3 times per week, usually at night. They have a “real job” and may have a family or are in college full time, so they can only put in part-time hours.

82.41% of Player A’s downswing stretches will last over 5000 hands. 60.18% of Player B’s downswing stretches will last over 5000 hands. So, ~18% of Player A’s downswings will last fewer than 5000 hands, compared to ~40% of Player B’s downswings.

Learn from experienced poker players. Over $200k in freerolls every year! ... This is a discussion on How often do you play poker? within the online poker forums, in the ... Learn from online pros.

The PFR statistic indicates how often you have raised before the flop is seen. A high value is an indicator of an aggressive player. A low value indicates a passive player. Good players are aggressive players. Your PFR has a possible range between a minumum of 0% and a maximum equal to the value of your VPIP.

It's not about how often, but about the context of the situation. The first lesson a lot of poker players learn in holdem to bluff are dry boards like k72 all different suits where the threat is high to the reactive player. I can bet any 2 cards a...

How many hours do pro poker players play each day? The average pro will treat their sessions like a regular job. This means they could be playing for eight hours a day or more.

Tight players play fewer hands (which, on average, are higher quality). Aggressive-passive is a measure of how often you initiate action by raising and re-raising rather than responding to action ...

The 53-year-old mother of four and sister of poker player, Howard Lederer, was at one time the leading female WSOP money winner before being overtaken by Vanessa Selbst. “My win in the Omaha Hi-Lo split accomplished much more than merely securing my position at the top of the heap among female poker players,” she wrote in her 2005 autobiography. “It established my credibility as one of the best poker players, irrespective of gender.”

Most professional poker players will play at stakes of at least NL25 online or $2/$5 live. And many poker pros will play at stakes much higher than this. However, there are many cases where a professional poker player can earn a living at stakes even lower than this such as NL5, NL10 online or $1/$2 live.

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