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  • Pounce is played out over a number of rounds. To start a round, all players secretly choose one Cat card from their hands at the same time and place it face down in front of them. At this point, the holder of the Bruno the Bulldog card may block one of the Room stacks by placing the card on top of a stack of choice.

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How to play Pounce. by Chuck Jones. Pounce is a high speed card game for 4 or more people. Everyone playing needs their own deck of cards, and you need a sheet of paper to keep score. All of the decks need to be different enough in appearance to be separated easily, because, during the course of the game, ...

Pounce If you were the first (or only) player to slap the matching Room stack, take the top card and place it face up in front... In case of a tie, both players receive cards. If Bruno the Bulldog was played on a Room stack, any player that played a matching Cat card to the blocked stack does... If ...

Th goal is to get rid of all your cards in your Nerts pile by playing them on either your work piles or on the foundations in the common area. Once your Nerts pile is dry you can call, “NERTS!” (Or Pounce!, etc). Once this happens the game ends immediately, cards in mid-air are allowed to complete their move and be counted accordingly in scoring.

This is an overview of how to play Pounce. Please refer to the official instructions for details about the game.

Each player scores one point for each card played to the foundations. Two points are then subtracted for each card left in their reserve. Players collect their cards back into full decks, then shuffle and deal new hands. Game play continues until at least one player exceeds a score of 100 points.

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Pounce is a card game for two or more players, but works best with no more than six. It is played like solitaire, with each player in command of his own deck of cards, but all building piles are shared between all players. To win, you will need fast hands, quick thinking, and more than a little luck.

Instead of playing the cards in ascending order of rank, play in descending order of rank. Start with twos, and then move back to aces, then kings, then queens, and so on. You can also play by going with the next highest or the next lowest rank of the person who went before you.

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