How to play space race card game?



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  • The game consists of two identical decks with cards numbered 1-10. These cards represent round trips the the Solar System, starting with "Take Off" (Card 1) and ending with "Landing On Earth" (Card 10). Players take a deck and shuffle it, then place it before them. The first player draws a card.

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Cosmic Encounter is a great best space exploration board games entry because it lives up to its name. It is all about the encounters in the deep cosmic realm. You are dealing with alien creatures, you have planets to explore and you have countless fleets of ships to move. You are the leader of an alien race.

Each player starts the game with a Personal Deck composed of 10 Ships: eight Scouts and two Vipers. Scouts provide one Trade. Trade is used to acquire Ships and Bases from the Trade Row to add to your deck and make your deck better. Vipers provide one Combat. Combat is used to attack your opponent’s Authority and win you the game.

Place the US and USSR Space Race markers to the left of the Space Race track. Each player places his Military OP marker on the zero space of their respective Military Operations Track. Place the Turn marker on the first space of the Turn Record Track. Place the Defcon marker on the 5 space of the DEFCON Track.

Space Race is a simple card game designed for two players, though more can play with additional card sets (as there is no player interaction whatsoever). The object of the game is to complete a round trip through the Solar System by drawing ten planet cards in their proper order.

The only place that I could find which explains what all the special Space Race cards do is the PDF Help file for Hoyle Card Games 2007. So, you'll want to click on this link. Hoyle Card Games 2007 Help. then download the Hoyle Card Games 2007 Help. pdf file.

Space Race: The Card Game is an indie card game in which 1-4 players become directors of space agencies trying to conquer the universe. The game is fast, yet complex and strategic, based on synergies and combo construction. The rocket is ready to launch, Mr. Director! Will you start the countdown?

Space Race Card Match is an interactive game that will test your agility with beautiful space-related images and reward you with fun, visually-engaging content. Up against the timer, you’ll race to match up pairs of cards to unlock prizes. This app comes with the Solar System theme for FREE, which includes the following levels: • Life on Earth

During the game, players will develop their Space Agencies by acquiring various cards (engineers, technologies, space programs) from a shared pool of cards called Universe. Space Race is a card game based on finding synergies and constructing powerful combinations out of different abilities.

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