Is casino surveillance a good job?

Creola Ortiz asked a question: Is casino surveillance a good job?
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We asked Gaming Surveillance Officers how satisfied they are with their job. Here is what they said. 70% of them said they were satisfied with their job and 72% said they find that their job makes the world a better place or helps to make someone else's life better.

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Essential Information for a Surveillance Agent A gaming surveillance officer is a type of security officer employed specifically by casinos to protect casino property, employees and patrons and...

The primary goal of any security officer or surveillance officer in a casino is the same as in virtually any other facility: to protect the visitors, employees and assets of the organization. Because this role is so vitally important, both of these security positions are very detailed about what their job entails, as well as what their qualifications must be.

To learn more, every job at a security company is different and to improve. Exciting place to work, room for growth. I needed a job and I wanted to learn a new career option. I feel that I have the skills to work security and that the casino is a great organisation to work with and be a part of. Because of the benefits and I want to work at a casino.

Outlook: Average, compared to job growth in other security careers. That’s because casino security is changing, moving more towards surveillance and technology or in some cases hiring rental security agents to save money. 4. Slot Attendant. Avg. Pay: $13 – $20/hr.

This is considered an average growth rate when compared to other jobs. As more states and localities legalize gambling, aspiring casino security guards will see additional job opportunities....

This job doesn’t pay as well as some of the other jobs available at casinos but is not a bad job to have. The estimated earnings for a surveillance officer range from $30,000 to $34,000 per year. This is about average wages for those in the industry.

Casino surveillance jobs require a high school diploma or equivalent. Because of the nature of the work, a thorough criminal background check is standard and most employers engage in random drug...

Gaming Surveillance Officers act as oversight and security agent for management and customers. Observe casino or casino hotel operation for irregular activities such as cheating or theft by either employees or patrons. May use one-way mirrors above the casino floor, cashier’s cage, and from desk.

Casino Surveillance Officer Job Description Job Overview: Our casino surveillance officers monitor gaming activity to make sure everyone is playing fairly. They’re responsible for monitoring the gaming floor, the cashier’s cage, and other locations for any suspicious activity.

And remember, you will be under the constant and watchful eye of casino surveillance at all times; their main job is protecting their own money more than their customers’, and to that end, they...

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