Is chromebook good for online poker?

Ismael Cole asked a question: Is chromebook good for online poker?
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You'll either be out of luck on those sites or you'll have to play in a weaker browser-based client. Finally Chromebooks are dirt cheap but aren't really a good option for poker players because you'll be limited entirely to browser-based poker sites.

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ChromeBook runs Chrome OS, not Windows. You are going to find that you can't run any poker software at all on your ChromeBook. If the poker site has a mobile app, then possibly you can play via...

Finally Chromebooks are dirt cheap but aren’t really a good option for poker players because you’ll be limited entirely to browser-based poker sites. What's the Best Size? Can't do this on a laptop This depends largely on how many tables you can handle at once.

The answer to this question is a bit complex. If you are a gamer, and I mean a true gamer, then the answer is simply ‘No’. You cannot game on Chromebooks. Chromebooks do not have support for installation of games. Forget about every playing the AAA titles on Chromebooks.

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This full HD screen with 1080p resolution will most certainly improve your online poker sessions. It’s pretty big with 24” and it has a 3-year warranty, which is pretty awesome deal for such low price.

Even if it works you will be limited to the android version of the poker clients and for me the best advantage of using PC or laptop is to use the full windows software and HUD. To sum it up - i...

Been doing a lot of reading and playing some free money tournaments on pokerstars to get used to the game . I'd like to take a shot at some low stakes but unfortunately all I have is a Chromebook. It seems like most of the online Poker sites use Windows clients.

In order to make money playing online poker, you need a reliable laptop. Here's a list of the best laptops in 2016 for online poker.

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