Is partick antinious a good poker player?

Franco Greenfelder asked a question: Is partick antinious a good poker player?
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Based on what we know about his winnings, Antonius is certainly one of the most successful online cash game players ever… The 39-year-old Finnish pro in a legend in poker lore, and is still heavily involved in some of the biggest live cash games in the world.


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🎮 What makes a good poker player a good player?

  • Good players can let go of any emotional attachment to their pretty-looking hands. Average players get married to their aces or kings instead, and can't let them go even when they know they are beat.

🎮 What makes a poker player a good poker player?

  • To win, poker players must play to their strengths while developing competency in their weaknesses. Ultimately, the level of success a poker player achieves is more about work ethic and emotional control and less about just purely being smart.

🎮 Can a good poker player beat a bad poker player?

  • – Poker is not rigged, and you are not the most unlucky player who ever lived. – If you can’t beat bad players then you will get crushed by strong players. – You are not some innate super-talent, you need to study and work hard on your game.

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I’d say it is a reliable indicator, but it is possible for a not-so-good poker player to win some tourneys, and a terrific poker player to go on a cold streak. This is simply the nature of poker. As for Patrik Antonius, it may be that he is just focusing on other aspects of life now and not playing as much.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, on December 13, 1980, Patrik Antonius had his career goals set on a path quite different to that of a professional poker player. However, the events that transpired in his life led him to the green felt where he was able to find a degree of success very few of his peers can boast. Promising tennis career abruptly ended

Patrik Antonius, "Brad Pitt" of the poker world. Professional tennis player and coach turned model turned professional poker player. He's a man of few words but he sure knows how to play some great poker and he's considered one of the all-time greats by most poker enthusiast. At the same time, not that much is known about his approach to poker.

Patrik Antonius. Arguably the world’s best plo cash-game player, Patrik Antonius has been a dominant force in poker for the past five years, earning over $10m on the virtual felt alone. But what does he think of his competition and how did he become the player he is today? Are you, Phil and Tom really the game’s best players?

Patrik Antonius is a talented professional poker player. He is popularly known as PA, Black Lotus, and The Finn. His country of birth is in Finland. He is a retired tennis player and a coach. Patrik has worked as a fashion model. Marcel Carlo is the guy that mentored Patrik to work as a poker.

No one had a better year online in 2009 than Patrik Antonius. One of the few poker players alive who is almost universally respected, revered, and even feared by his opponents, Antonius sits down ...

What’s special about Patrik, is that he has never read any poker books, watched any training videos or even discussed HU or 6-max poker strategy with fellow players. The only exception to the discussing strategy part is talking about a hand with Phil Ivey, and even that interfered with Patrik’s own thought process – he is just like that Chinese Kung Fu master taking the form of water, adapting to any size and shape of attack thrown at him.

Discipline is the most important trait a poker player can posses. It can help you make good folds when frustrated, put in more study time and leave the table when the game isn’t worth playing. It is no coincidence that extremely disciplined players like Ben Sulsky and Ike Haxton have remained at the top of poker for such a long time.

Patrik Antonius (born 13 December 1980) is a Finnish professional poker player, former tennis player and coach, and model from Vantaa, Finland.He currently resides in Monte Carlo.Antonius was mentored by poker pro Marcel Lüske as a member of Luske's "Circle of Outlaws" and later advised by Jennifer Harman. Antonius is married to Maya Geller and has two children.

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What is a good poker player?

Dont exist an unique answer for your question, but especially a good poker player is who respect the oponnent gameplay because poker, above all, is a game to have fun to play. but the poker players are not really good they are just lucky for the cards.

What makes a good poker player a bad player?

It should be noted that by tagging people immediately as a bad poker player if you notice them taking any of the above actions, you will sometimes find out later that several of them are actually nits. This is because many regs at the microstakes will do some of the things above also.

What makes a good poker player an ev player?
  • That's because good players discipline themselves to make only +EV wagers whereas bad players play with reckless disregard. Do yourself a favor and become a good player: look for bets that show a positive expectation. Think of poker as a continual, lifelong game. Your goal in this game is to make money in the long term.
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Yes, anyone can be a good poker player. As with most games of skill, you'd need to do a lot of practice, but if you put your mind to it and put in the necessary work, you can become a good poker player.

Can anyone become a good poker player?

Yes, anyone can become a good poker player. The thing is, being a good player is not enough to win anything substantial, unless you get really lucky in (cash games).

How good is the average poker player?

Depending on what stakes they play, professional poker players can make as little as $10,000 a year up to $1,000,000 or even more. We've gotten some real numbers from real pros in Florida and found that a semi-top tier live poker pro playing $5/10 NLHE can make $100,000-$250,000 a year.

How to be good online poker player?

11 Poker Strategy Tips to Improve Your Play

  1. Be Selective with Your Starting Hands. As a new player, it's tempting just to play every hand…
  2. Learn to be Aggressive…
  3. Learn the Art of Bluffing…
  4. But Don't Bluff Too Much…
  5. Understand Hand Rankings & Odds…
  6. Defend Your Blinds…
  7. Don't Be Afraid to Fold…
  8. Be Aware of Your Table Position.
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10 Quick Poker Strategy Tips

  1. Play Fewer Hands And Play Them Aggressively.
  2. Don't Be The First Player To Limp.
  3. “Semi-Bluff” Aggressively with Your Draws.
  4. Fast-Play Your Strong Hands to Build the Pot and Make More Money.
  5. Defend Your Big Blind (with the Right Hands)
  6. Fold When You're Unsure.
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7 Signs You Are Playing a Poker Professional

  1. Emotion.
  2. V.P.I.P…
  3. Looking At Your Hole Cards…
  4. Excitement…
  5. Age…
  6. Chip Stacking. The way a player stacks his chips is a good indicator of the type of player he is…
  7. Alcohol Consumption. This is probably the easiest way to tell whether your opponent is a professional or a casual amateur…
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Ben Affleck has also taken part in various poker events and seems to be an accomplished celeb poker. He has just one result cash into his name, at least based on reports, which won him over $300,000 but he is a regular at the big games and can be seen playing games in Los Angeles.

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Hedge Fund Manager, Film Producer, Poker Player, and Businessman. Bill Perkins is a popular American poker player, hedge fund manager, businessman, and film producer. He is most well-known for his poker career although he has been an incredibly successful businessman and hedge fund manager as well.

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Dan Bilzerian may not be as good at poker as he claims. While Bilzerian certainly knows the rules of the game and has been known to play the occasional game of poker, Upswing Poker tells us that the reports of his actual poker prowess may very well be greatly exaggerated.

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Doyle Brunson is the definition of a poker legend. Not only does he boast 10 WSOP bracelets, back-to-back WSOP Championships, and millions of dollars in prize money, but he remains one of the best poker players in the world at over 80 years old with his unpredictable aggressive style.

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She has been quite successful at the poker table. In 2005, Tilly won a WSOP bracelet in the Ladies' No Limit Texas Hold 'Em event, besting a field of 600. A few months later, Tilly won the third WPT Ladies Invitational at California's Bicycle Casino. As of June 2017, her live tournament winnings are nearly $1 million.

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Joey Ingram is one of the most influential persons in modern poker. He has gained a special popularity in the poker community thanks to his YouTube channel "joeingram1", where the player releases poker videos and shoots the most popular poker podcasts. Many poker fans are probably familiar with his Poker Life podcast.

Is parick antious a good poker player?

It is that biased attitude formed that could cause you to play differently against a good player, which is exactly what your opponents want.

Is patrik antonius a good poker player?

Is Patrik Antonius the greatest poker player of all time? Based on what we know about his winnings, Antonius is certainly one of the most successful online cash game players ever… The 39-year-old Finnish pro in a legend in poker lore, and is still heavily involved in some of the biggest live cash games in the world.

Is phil hellmuth a good poker player?

Either he has unique skills that allows him to crush WSOP events like no human ever has, or he's the luckiest man on Earth, at least at the WSOP… Hellmuth may not be a “great poker player” in high rollers or cash games, but his record shows he's unquestionably the best who ever lived at WSOP multi-table tournaments.

Is phil ivey a good poker player?

The fact that he has been extremely successful in nearly every section of poker is why he is considered the best. Phil ivey is obviously great at a lot of different aspects of poker, but one thing that makes him stand out amongst other great poker players is his ability to read people.

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Warne's second innings of his professional career has been a bumpy ride; it wasn't smooth on the field anyway. However, despite investing much time in Poker, Warne has not been able to shine as a poker player as much.

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Dwan would go on to become one of the most highly regarded poker players in the world, making himself a millionaire multiple times over. Dwan would regularly battle against the likes of Ivey, Antonius and "Isildur1" online.