Is sonic generations the last sonic game?

Petra Cronin asked a question: Is sonic generations the last sonic game?
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🎮 How to get casino night in sonic generations game?

Answers. (this is only is you're playing on xbox 360) move your cursor over the game, press x, go to the right and view the dlc section, casino night will be free there, just select it and download...

🎮 How to play casino night in sonic generations game?

For Sonic Generations on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "How do i get casino night zone?".

🎮 Which game is better pokemon rumble or sonic generations?

This a question that only you can answer. Pokemon rumble is a game with attack waves. Sonic Generations is move of a platformer.

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Yes. No the game Sonic Generations was to celebrate sonics 25th birthday so there will be more Sonic games. 1Eoin

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What can you do on casino night sonic generations?
  • The console/PC version of Sonic Generations has Casino Night - a large pinball table in which both Modern and Classic Sonic can be played on. The goal is to rack up as many points as possible without falling off the stage three times.
How do you get the casino night zone dlc in sonic generations?

Go into Microsoft Store and search «Sonic Generations». You will be left with two options: the game and the DLC. Select the DLC and purchase it, then install it. Before you do this, the offer is...

What sonic game came before sonic adventure?

Sonic heros.

What sonic game comes after sonic colors?

Sonic Generations.

Is sonic the hedgehog the worst sonic game?

If you are referring to Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, then yes, it is the worst. If you are referring to Sonic the Hedgehog for Genesis, then no, as it is the game that started the series.

What sonic game is sonic x based on?

Sonic adventure 1 and 2

What is the newest sonic game after sonic colors?

Sonic Generations

What sonic the hedgehog game comes after sonic colors?

Sonic Generations.

What was the next sonic game after sonic colors?

Sonic Generations

Which sonic game did dark sonic first appear in?

he hasn't appeared in any games yet. but he appeared in the sonic x series.

Is monster hunter generations ultimate a new game?

Unfortunately, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate doesn't have a new game plus mode for you to jump into. Once you've completed the main quests, it's all about grinding out monster hunts in order to get particular parts to craft the strongest armor and weaponry in the game.

What is beast sonic game?

My personal favorite sonic game is sonic advance 2, but there is a new game coming out called "Sonic Generations" were you can play 2D or 3D sonic game and play as modern sonic or classic sonic, if you want more info look on youtube ;)

What's the newest sonic game?

The newest sonic the hedgehog game is sonic free riders for xbox 360 kinect

What is the sonic game after sonic 4 episode 2?

sonic boom

How do you find a game metal sonic in sonic 3?

metal sonic is not in sonic 3 only mecha sonic

What sonic riders game is coming out after sonic free riders?

It is not known as of yet if there will be another game in the Sonic Riders series.

Is sonic adventure a good game?

I think it's a fun game, but I haven't played it recently.

Is sonic rpg a pokemon game?

No Its A Sonic Game Not Pokemon or anything!!!

Is there a sonic online game?

Yes there is. When you downloaded the client, install ELIS.exe which is in the folder and then you can go on the game. You can create an account from there (The server crashes sometimes)

What game is dark sonic from?

He is not from a game just the cartoon series Sonic X. If you are talking about Darkspine Sonic, he is from Sonic and the Secret Rings