Is zynga poker legitimate?

Sincere Nitzsche asked a question: Is zynga poker legitimate?
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It's an all too common slingshot affair. A former Zynga dev has now confirmed that Zynga Poker is indeed rigged. In the exact ways many had predicted all along.

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Zynga are unashamed crooks, you used to be able to enjoy the gameplay at least for a few hours, or day. Now they simply do not allow you to win at all. It is all about their shareholders making...

Occasionally, Zynga does offer legitimate in-game extras on official Zynga pages, forums, or twitter pages. Please check official Zynga sources to confirm a legitimate promotion before clicking on what may be a fake offer. If the source of the message is not an official Zynga page, these messages are likely not from us.

Zynga Poker is a social game developed by Zynga as an application for the social-networking website Facebook as well as Android, iPhone, Windows Phone,[1] Windows,[2] MySpace, Tagged, and Google+. It was launched in July 2007. In 2011, with 38 million players, Zynga Poker was the largest poker site in the world.[3] In 2018, after increased ...

Performance – When Zynga Poker Rankings gambling online, we require high-end, feature-rich performance that Zynga Poker Rankings is free of Zynga Poker Rankings glitches and software interruptions. Because consistency and stability are key indicators, our testing Zynga Poker Rankings period is significant – often taking months of use – Zynga Poker Rankings in order to return legitimate ...

Zynga's first game, Texas Hold'Em Poker, now known as Zynga Poker, was released on Facebook in July 2007. It was the first game Facebook introduced on its social networking platform. Zynga became the Facebook app

Zyngaポーカーで使える裏技に興味はありませんか? 裏技を習得して、Zyngaポーカーを攻略! 無料で手に入る100万のポーカーチップと世界中のオンラインポーカープレイヤーとの真剣勝負の世界があなたを待っています。

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