Live poker adjustments?

Dimitri Huel asked a question: Live poker adjustments?
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Live coaching series: 50nl loose aggressive adjustments

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Live Poker Tips Wrap-Up

  1. Punish limpers as much as possible — there will be a lot of them.
  2. Turn up your aggression on the button, especially against weak players in the blinds.
  3. Keep an eye out for softer tables and be ready to change tables at any time.
  4. Control your mouth so everyone else at the table stays happy.

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Tournament stage adjustments - a little coffee with jonathan little

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Staying focused is a challenge, but it’s a crucial part of playing good live poker. We need to pay attention at the table to determine who is making those boredom plays, who is becoming tilted from facing 3-bets too often, and so on. To sum up: start with theory, make adjustments, stay focused!

If you’ve never played live public poker you may not be familiar with the term string raise. A string raise occurs when your raise is not done in one complete fluid motion. As an example, you put enough chips toward the pot to call the bet and then go back to your stack and take additional chips to raise.

Used to play online high/midstakes 6max cash. Transitioning to live FR (even 10max) games. Not so accustomed to all these multiway pots. Should we be raising bigger pre, big enough to thin down the field to 1-2 players to put ourselves in a similar situation to online where it's mostly HU / 3way pots postflop?

That 8% 3 bet tends to be one of the higher 3 bet percentages among strong 2-4 regs (though in my experience, the best regs are usually around 7-8) and so I thought going into live poker that I ...

Adjustments for online to live poker. I am a 2nl player winning 5/6bb/100 on reg tables at all. I’m going to the hippodrome in London to play 1/2 and not expecting to win at all but happy to buy in 100bb.

Adjustments Low Stakes Poker. 3044. One common complaint we hear from people new to online poker is that it is difficult to beat micro stakes. Often, these complaints are coming from people who are used to playing live poker or are trying to apply live poker theory to online poker.

Perhaps the most important live poker MTT strategy adjustment comes down to patience and understanding variance. When you are used to hundreds of hands an hour and playing multiple games, it is easy to get to the long term online.

Here are eight awesome live poker tips that will help you crush the games on your next trip to the casino (including two exclusive video tips from Doug Polk and Ryan Fee). This article has been updated (originally published 5/5/2017). 1. Punish Limpers As Much As Possible.

Since there is more limping, when live poker players actually raise pre-flop, you can assume they are doing so with a much narrower range of hands, and you need to adjust to this accordingly by only calling with stronger high card hands than you normally would, and speculative hands that can flop huge, like suited connectors and small pocket pairs in your hand.

You make the most from the bad players, and there are plenty of them in live poker rooms. Adjustments in Live Cash Poker / Open Raises. The typical 3x-4x open raises pre-flop are the norm in online poker games, but in live poker games you should expect the pre-flop sizing to be a lot bigger.

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6 max preflop starting hand adjustments - online poker 2013 - texas holdem poker strategy lessons