Online poker in utah?

Donato Turner asked a question: Online poker in utah?
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In a state that is notoriously anti-gambling in every respect, there have been and will not be any proposals to legalize online poker or gaming. Utah has no legal live poker cash games or tournaments. There are no casinos in Utah, nor any considerations to authorize them.

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Founders of three largest online poker sites indicted

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The online poker scene in the state of Utah is booming, despite a lack of support on the brick and mortar front. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, you can join Utah online casinos with poker right now. A lot of this online growth is residual from being so close to Las Vegas.

Is Online Poker Legal In Utah? In a word, yes. Playing online poker in Utah is legal. Will you be able to sign into an online poker site that is regulated by the state and in operation in the U.S.? No. But rest assured, there are still some great options for those looking to play a little online poker.

If you live in Utah, you already know this: Online poker will never come to Utah. It does not have any forms of legalized gambling, not even the lottery. In 2013, Utah made it official that it will not allow Utahns to access online “gambling,” and poker is surely included as gambling. The law read:

The only online poker network that we recommend for Utah players is Winning Poker. Americas Cardroom is one of the best known skins on WPN. It is owned by one of the most financially strong online...

There is currently no legislation permitting online poker in the state. Current Utah Gambling Laws Utah long ago decided they don't want any type of gambling within their state borders. State law...

While no company or entity within Utah can run an online casino or poker site, as a player you won’t get in trouble if you choose to gamble online. You can play at a range of online casinos that accept US players and also participate in daily fantasy sports such as draft kings and fan duel. The state has made some changes to their laws to state that some forms of

Although some states classify poker as a game of skill, and so make specific laws for the game, Utah’s gambling laws do not distinguish between games of skill and those of chance, with betting on either being illegal. This means that you will find no legal Utah poker rooms, whether online or not.

Online Poker: No, again this is specifically illegal. Sports Betting: No, there is no sports-betting at all in this State. Lottery Betting: No, there is no lottery in Utah.

Utah has yet to authorize state-based online casinos from operating in the state and this means that nobody can legally own or operate an online casino business within Utah state borders. The good news is that this restriction does not reach beyond the state’s boundaries, and does not impact access to sanctioned offshore online casinos.

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