Partypoker vs pokerstars (which one is actually better?

Addie Powlowski asked a question: Partypoker vs pokerstars (which one is actually better?
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Rake and rakeback on pokerstars partypoker and runitoncepoker

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While PokerStars is clearly the room with much better traffic, that doesn't mean that Party isn't able to offer plenty of action as well. You'll find that PartyPoker is also quite busy, especially during evening hours, and you won't struggle to find the games across most stakes.

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Fast fold poker is an interesting variation that does require a fair few players to run as it is supposed to. From that point of view, PokerStars is a better option as 30 or 40 players in the pool...

PokerStars is the largest poker site on the internet with Party Poker ranked 4th overall. PokerStars allows players from around the world to join while Party Poker does not allow players from the United States on their site. Let's break down the differences between these two popular sites to see which is best for you.

level 1. Kaninen. · 1y. Party has had much softer action, but since they've grown back recently in popularity the skill level has increased a fair bit. I'd still say Party is softer, but it's not as clear cut anymore. Stars by a landslide imo. Party's software isn't that horrible anymore tho.

We can see a stunning difference between how the two major poker rooms organize their loyalty rewards programs. We dare to say that while PokerStars is straying further and further away from what they used to be, partypoker is going in right that direction.

Pokerstars is number 1 by far best software and best everything. but depends on what you are looking for , if you are looking for freerolls then 888 poker is your first choice , if looking for a ...

for tournaments I think partypoker is better because on pokerstars there are 2500 players in 3K tournament micro buy in. on partypoker there would be 600 900 players and doesnt lasts forever one ...

When it comes to tournaments, PokerStars is probably a better option for lower stakes games and players looking to put in a significant volume every day. However, GGPoker is just building its ...

Overall, PokerStars has made some strides in the last few years to improve both their deposit bonus and VIP system, largely with the new instant $30 bonus. Although neither is truly better than those offered by their main competitors with the enormous number of games and tournaments offered getting anything extra is appreciated.

Overall, PokerStars’ software is a bit better and maybe a bit clearer. PartyPoker has caught up but after a lot of updates very well, so that only small things make the difference. Both providers have stable software and you can easily multitable. Both sites offer their players also a Mac version and as well a very modern mobile app.

I'm sure most avid poker fans are already aware of the fierce rivalry between the two most populated online poker rooms, so it goes without saying the two poker-rooms are at logger heads competing for the #1 spot, it's just a pity that their nearest rivals occupying #3 (iPoker Network) and #4 (PartyPoker) positions currently don't accept US poker players as this would transcend to an even bigger fight which could only be of benefit to players and potentially new players.

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