Poker music: what to listen to?

Larissa Kuvalis asked a question: Poker music: what to listen to?
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Video answer: Lady gaga - poker face (official music video)

Lady gaga - poker face (official music video)

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The Gambler - The Ultimate Poker Song

  • Kenny Rogers: 1979.
  • The Gambler's Musical Nostalgia.
  • Positive Musicality in Rounders (1998)
  • Celine Dion: It's All Coming Back to Me Now - 1996.
  • Daft Punk: Get Lucky - 2013.
  • Status Quo: Down, Down - 1974.
  • American Authors: Best Day of My Life - 2014.

Video answer: Listening to your music with adam22! and playing poker :)

Listening to your music with adam22! and playing poker :)

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Diamond Jack isn't widely known outside the United Kingdom, but the song will surely delight the ears of any gambler, while the poker song lyrics will also have you reaching for the microphone. The...

When I play poker I’ll often listen to music categorized as ambient or electronic or even experimental. Actual film soundtracks can be good as well, as long as they aren’t too dramatic or noisy. I like to listen to a lot of jazz, too, ranging from the cool classics to fusion, as well as some prog rock, post-punk, and even some classical.

Indie music, metal and rock are some of the best genres for poker players to listen to. Here are the top 8 songs that poker players that help get poker players in the mood for a game. ‘ The Gambler’ by Kenny Rodgers Kenny Rodgers classic gambling tune, aptly titled ‘The Gambler’ has to make this list.

Top 8 Songs Poker Players Like to Listen – 2021 Review Kenny Rodgers’ ‘The Gambler’. This is a classic tune for gamblers, and it has a famous chorus in which the singer says... American Authors’ ‘Best Day of My Life’. This song by American Authors is one of those songs that was released in 2013,..…

“I like to listen to hip hop artists and pretend that they are taking about poker. It’s amazing how many of the lyrics in hip hop can be applied to this game. The songs I like most are about making something out of nothing in order to survive, so naturally there are some to a poker. I’ll share some examples. ‘The politicians ban us.

Alright, so right off the bat let me tell you that my #1 preferred style of music to listen to while playing poker is something that is uplifting, positive and has minimal vocals. And once again, having discussed this with many of my online poker pro friends in particular, around 90% of them have told me the exact same thing.

Jazz, classical, or classic rock. I like hearing things that don't take away my concentration but are soothing. Also, there's something about playing poker while listening to jazz music.

I rarely listen to music when I play poker and it all depends on my mood, sometimes I listen to calm music and sometimes Classic Russian Rock, I try to concentrate on the game! Multi-Quote Quote ...

It’s not often I’d put this onto a musical list, however, this song by The Cataracs, firmly falls in to the Schlager genre, and actually enjoyed a lot of play time in a lot of European Clubs, the funky beat coupled with a very simple melody will keep your mind sharp as the beat never changes, and at around 120bpm in 4 over 4 time, it’s managed to secure itself into our list of music to listen to when playing poker. 8. Musica by Fly Project

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Video answer: Foeson - poker face (official music video)

Foeson - poker face (official music video)