Pokerstars negative balance?

Cristian Watsica asked a question: Pokerstars negative balance?
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Pokerstars poker pa texas holdem

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If your current balance is negative, this means that you did not have sufficient funds available in your PokerStars account to repay the amount of your unprocessed deposit. All you have to do to complete repayment is make a deposit for the total amount owing.

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Woman's accounts frozen after $3m overdraft

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My balance is negative 17.65%: I lose more that i can afford 0%: Voters: 17. You may not vote on this poll

The biggest negative for me at PokerStars is the incredibly tight player base, many of whom are nitty grinders and online poker vets. Flop percentages in the low teens down all the way to single digits, which is 50-75% worse than some competing sites. PokerStars Tournaments The best reason to play here

That means Pokerstars Shop a negative balance for one casino will not affect the earnings from another casino. Pokerstars Shop It is also Pokerstars Shop possible to get your payments through the CPA model, and the terms of this agreement will have to be discussed with the manager of the program.

Bienvenue dans le temple du poker en ligne. Bienvenue sur PokerStars, où vous pourrez profiter des meilleurs tournois et jeux, de dépôts sécurisés, de retraits rapides et d’un logiciel plusieurs fois récompensé. C'est ici que naissent les champions et vous pourriez bien être le prochain. Vous y trouverez également les règles et le classement des ...

Re: Negative balance on pokerstars Chances are good that it was actually your email account that was hacked, like it is pretty much every time. Have we seen a case yet where it seemed very likely that it was someone's Stars account that was hacked without it being a securty breach on the player's side?

I have a negative balance and was curious what would happen if i let it slide, looks like you would get pretty screwed, unless your willing to close your bank account and take some credit/namedatabase hits. though looks like stars is not in great position to make plays at you legally as some other people said

Ich habe mich mit dem Support in Verbindung gesetzt und erfahren das mein Account wohl gehackt wurde und jemand Geld aufgeladen hat, gespielt hat und das Geld wieder runtergebucht hat: BALANCE_PRE_HACK- 0.22 USD DEPOSITS_MADE- USD 729.72/EUR 1,204 WITHDRAWAL- EUR 1,816.35 Die Einzahlung von 1204 Euro wurde dann wohl storniert weil die Kreditkarte der Einzahlung gestohlen war...

Mit der negativen Balance hat es ja erst einmal nichts zu tun. Das ist Sache von Stars. Natürlich kann so ein Chargeback dennoch klappen. Entweder hält sich die Händlerbank nicht an Fristen, verpeilt es was im Verfahren korrekt auszufüllen usw. Interessiert als Endverbraucher nicht, wenn irgendwann ein Schreiben kommt: Geld ist wieder da.

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