Ps1 memory cards on ps2 to save ps2 games?

Tavares Schamberger asked a question: Ps1 memory cards on ps2 to save ps2 games?
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How to save your playstation 1 games on your playstation 2 (ps1 memory card) part 1

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Ps1 memory cards are 128 kilobytes and force saves to be multiples of 8 kb. Thus they can't hold ps2 saves, and ps2 games won't recognize them.

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Can you save ps1 games on ps2 memory cards? No, PS1 and PS2 memory cards are separate. You can back up PS1 saves to a PS2 memory card, but you’d have to copy it back to the PS1 memory card to use it. You can’t actually use the PS2 memory card while playing PS1 games.

How to save data games on ps2 memory instead usb stick watch this video to learn that in easy steps to make your ps2 memory card undamaged by save data games...

No you can't. You save PS2 games on PS2 memory cards and PS games on PS memory cards.

You can't save PS1 games directly to PS2 memory cards. They must always be saved to a PS1 memory card. Likewise, PS1 saved games can only be loaded from PS1 memory cards. However, save files can be copied from a PS1 memory card to a PS2 memory card for backup purposes.

One thing you can do though, is back up PS1 saves on your PS2 card. Just go into the memory manager and copy them.

I don't think you can put ps1 data on a ps2 card. Well in Suikoden 3 you can transfer data from your first two games into Suiko 3. First you have to transfer your saved game from your PS1 card to your PS2 card. Then it makes a new game with the old Suiko data loaded in.....

No, they don't. Ps1 games are hard coded for a 128 kilobyte memory card broken into 16 blocks of 8 kilobytes each, 15 for saves and 1 for the table of contents of the card. They don't know how to address ps2 cards of 8 megabytes in size, so the cards are invisible to them.

On August 15, 2003, I released the “Independence exploit” for the PS2 which enables the PS2 to boot any software stored on a standard PS2 memory card simply by launching a PS1 game.Any PS1 game can be used as long as the game’s unique title ID has been written to the file on the memory card that contains the exploit.

You can save a PS1 onto the PS1's memory card, and you can then copy the PS1 save data to your PS2 memory card. While PS1 games cannot access PS2 cards, you can still store game saves using this method. But in order to use the PS1 game saves on a PS2 memory card, you have to remember to transfer them back over to a PS1 card.

level 1. tein357. 2 points · 2 years ago. No, you need a PS1 memory card for PS1 games, even when playing on a PS2. level 2. HyperPublic. Original Poster. 1 point · 2 years ago.

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