River rock casino canada line station?

Magnus Bogisich asked a question: River rock casino canada line station?
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Bridgeport Station

By Canada Line rapid transit (at Bridgeport Station) River Rock is 18 minutes from the downtown waterfront. River Rock is accessible from highways 99 and 91, and Marine Way.

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Second, the River Rock is connected to the Canada Line skytrain system. This is attractive for a couple of reasons: 1) It’s just a little over 10 minutes to YVR via Canada Line and it’s approximately 20 minutes to downtown Vancouver; 2) The Canada Line – as part of TransLink – is cheaper than a taxi.

Bridgeport station is located near the intersection of River Road and Great Canadian Way—north of Bridgeport Road and in the same general area as the River Rock Casino—and is the northernmost SkyTrain station in Richmond. The Canada Line's Operations and Maintenance Centre is located northeast of the station. There is a large park-and-ride facility adjacent to the station. The City of Richmond anticipates that the area surrounding this station will be heavily redeveloped, and proposals ...

River Rock Casino Resort to Canada Place by walk and subway. The journey time between River Rock Casino Resort and Canada Place is around 19 min and covers a distance of around 12 km. The fastest journey normally takes 19 min. Services are operated by TransLink CA. Typically 2446 services run weekly, although weekend and holiday schedules can ...

The new River Rock Casino SkyTrain station on the recently opened Canada Line - this was last Sunday and it was still very busy with people trying the new line.

Technically, the casino’s address is 8811 River Road and the Park & Ride’s address is 8888 River Road. The casino’s parking garage is directly connected to the SkyTrain station. If you’re a visitor to Vancouver or simply heading to the station for the first time, just think Bridgeport Canada Line SkyTrain Station = River Rock Casino.

Parking At River Rock Casino For The Canada Line Stations. For complete details and for show times at the River Rock Casino Resort see the official website link below. If you are interested in staying at the resort, check it out on our recommended booking partner Booking.com. Facts For Your Visit. Official Website:River Rock Casino Resort

Western Canada's only AAA Four Diamond Casino Resort. Visit the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond BC for an unrivaled, ultimate entertainment experience.

The Oak Street Bridge is a crossing over the north arm of the Fraser River, the Canada Line, and several roads, in Metro Vancouver. Oak Street Bridge is situated 360 metres northeast of River Rock Casino. Photo: Mike, CC BY 2.0.

After 0.4 miles, take a right onto Great Canadian Way and you’ll see River Rock in front of you. Parking at River Rock There are plenty of places to park your wheels at River Rock Casino Resort! We have a South Parkade, a West Parkade. Our original parkade is located to the West of the building and is closest to the Casino main entrance. The South Parkade is connected to the Hotel, and the Canada Line at Bridgeport Station.

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