Should i run it once or twice poker?

Alexander Huel asked a question: Should i run it once or twice poker?
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Running it multiple times reduces the chance that Hero will suffer a suck out and thus win nothing. All poker players know the pain of getting their money in good only to get unlucky when all the cards are dealt. Having a chance to run it twice (or more) and likely win some of our money back seems like a good thing.

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If you agree to run it twice, the turn and river will be dealt as usual. Then, a second turn and river will be dealt as well. If either player win both times, that player is awarded the entire pot....

Have you heard about running it twice in poker, but aren't 100% sure what that means? Or maybe you know about running it twice vs. once, but aren't sure whic...

For holdem, its usually only 5-10 or bigger. A good rule of thumb: If its a time rake game, you can usually run it twice, and maybe make deals. The bigger the game, the more lenient the casinos are on unusual deals etc. Raphael Cerpedes 7 years, 4 months ago.

The other answers are very good and indeed it makes no difference if you run it once or twice. Only thing I would like to add is that you should be a good sport and run it twice if your opponent desires this. You want everyone to feel good in a poker game and if this means giving a guy an extra chance when he needs it, then it is worth it.

I always run it twice (if opponent also has it activated). Cause I hate bad beats, but now I split the pot way more ... And pay more rake, not that this is a big issue... I know this question is asked a lot but I can't find a good answer, cause this site is call run it once so hard to google this issue :) What is the best thing to do?

Also to run it twice, every player in the hand must agree to run it twice. If one person decides not to run it twice, the remaining community cards left to be dealt will be dealt normally only once. It is much more common for a hand to be ran twice between two players heads up instead of a multi-pot with three or more, although it’s still possible.

Note that any remaining cards in a hand of poker will be dealt once by default. Running it twice will only occur if all all-in parties reach a consensus that this should happen. If one player wants to run it twice but his opponent does not, then the pot will be run once.

Running it twice. Running it twice (sometimes called doing business) is a method of determining the winner of a poker hand once all betting on the hand is complete but before the final card (s) (either community cards or other cards) have been dealt. In practice, this is only done when the hand has gotten down to heads up and one player is all-in ...

Just remember to ensure that your poker room allows running it multiple times and avoid doing so it would slow the game down too much or create too much confusion for greener players. You can always run it once this time, explain what running it twice means later, and give them the option to run it twice later if an opportunity arrises.

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