Should i use a poker tracker?

Amya Monahan asked a question: Should i use a poker tracker?
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So, yes, you need it if you're serious about beating online poker. Grab your FREE trial by clicking here! Of course, Poker Tracker isn't the only option, and you could go for other similar programs. The fact is, though, this software offers a lot for the price you'll have to pay.

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With almost everyone using some sort of online help while playing the game, PokerTracker is one such tool which should not be missed. Apart from making life easier when playing poker, it augments your skill and can make your poker earnings and life much better.

PokerTracker is well worth getting: it's great for tracking, stats and analysis, as well as being well worth the price tag. If used properly, it should pay for itself. Read more in our...

When you’ve played 500 thousand hands, Poker Tracker will work more smoothly for you. It won’t crash as often as well. That’s because PT is just lighter on system resources. When it comes to navigation, they both have a very intuitive interface, but in my opinion Holdem Manager is way easier to get to know very well.

It is essential. These are for tracking your results as well as population and individual opponent tendencies. Not using a tracking software simply put, you are forfeiting edge. HM2 is best thought comes with a huge performance tradeoff with PT4 not far behind running much smoother.

When used correctly a HUD can help you make better decisions and exploit your opponents. A poker tracking program like Poker Tracker is also very good to analyze your own hands and do off table work. If you’re looking for an advanced tournament poker HUD, check out the Master HUD and Master HUD Lite.

In fact, we don’t recommend using tracking software until you’ve played at least 1,000 hands of your poker game type. But even if you’re just getting started, it’s worth getting familiar with HUD poker. HEM and PT are some of the best poker tracking software around.

I use PokerTracker 4 as my poker tracking software of choice. It gives me an incredible advantage over many of my opponents, who at the micro stakes, don’t use it (or possibly don’t even know it exists). The reporting features that allow me to review my hands are invaluable, and being able to sort through and filter my hands for specific situations ...

This information is not lost seeing as it is assimilated by your tracking software. There are a number of limitations to using a HUD, but first we will consider some of the most common stats players like to use. Which Stats should I use on my Poker HUD? Below is a Glossary of HUD statistics you have at your disposal. VPIP – Voluntarily put in pot. This is a percentage representing the total amount of hands someone plays.

I recommend that every online poker player uses some kind of tracking software and the 60 day free trial is a perfect reason to start using PokerTracker today. Edits for clarity or readability have been made. « Continuation Betting. How to Evaluate Aggression Factor ...

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