Should there be a minimum age to play poker online?

Belle Shields asked a question: Should there be a minimum age to play poker online?
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Is Poker Legal For US Players 18 and Over? Online poker gambling is perfectly legal for eighteen-year-old American players. Even though certain states within the US have strict poker gambling laws which either prevent or permit 18+ poker games none of them conflict with any federal gambling laws.

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What Is The Legal Poker Age In Texas? To participate in poker matches legally in Texas, residents, and tourists must be at least 18 years old. This means both land-based poker as well as online poker matches.

The minimum age to play poker on sites such as Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars is eighteen years old. You can not even open a play account if you are under the age of 18. The fact is, many people think that there either shouldn't be a minimum age or that it should be greatly reduced.

Poker rooms generally require bettors to be 21 years old but there are a few states that accept players as young as 18. California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington State all have at least one venue that allows the younger gamblers to join.

The legal drinking age is 21 in the States. There are casinos where alcohol isn't served on the gaming floor and therefore 18 year olds can play poker. But if alcohol is served on the gaming floor, you have to be 21. 6.

Legal gambling ages vary across the US, with states setting the minimum at either 18 or 21. However, this can change depending on the type of gambling, and if you're playing at a Native American ...

Minimum Deposit Poker Sites. All real-money poker rooms have requirements for establishing an account as a new customer. Those can include presenting various forms of identification to prove age ...

2. Poker Writer. Online poker requires writers to handle poker media, which requires broader knowledge of poker, rather than just how to play the game. Jobs in the poker industry related to writing can include being a site content writer or video content creator, as well as covering live and online poker tournaments.

Fees: Rake and Tournament Entry Fees. There are fees associated with participating in real-money poker games on The fee for participating in cash games is known as the "rake", and consists of a small percentage of each pot that is retained by the house. The rake is determined by many factors including the game stakes, the size of the pot, and the number of players who are dealt into ...

If you win at 2BB/100 online and play 600 hands an hour playing multiple tables, you’ll need to win at least 12BB an hour in the live setting to win the same amount.

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