Team that won championship but loss bowl game?

Olin Davis asked a question: Team that won championship but loss bowl game?
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🎮 Is the bcs championship game also a bowl game?

Yes, it is considered a bowl game.

🎮 Which bowl game hosted national championship game in 1983?

Orange Bowl

🎮 Which nba team won championship game 2009?

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic, 4 games to 1, to go on and win the 2009 NBA Finals.

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Alabama Crimson Tide

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Which bowl game has hosted the most national championship games?

Rose Bowl

What team won the most recent rose bowl game?

The 2013 Rose Bowl was played between the Stanford Cardinals of the NCAA Pac-12 Conference and the Wisconsin Badgers of the Big Ten Conference. The winner was Stanford, with the final score being 20-14.

Which college football bowl game is considered the official national championship?

It rotates between 4 or now maybe 5 different bowl games. Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Rose and I believe a new historic bowl was added this last year. As of the 2006 season, the BCS National Championship game is a separate game from all four of the other BCS bowls. It is called the "BCS National Championship Game". The site of the game rotates between the sites of the other four BCS games, but the name of the contest remains the same. The 2007 national championship game (actually to be played in 2008) will be in the Louisiana Superdome (site of the Sugar Bowl). The date of the game is 1 week after the BCS game played at the same site (though, for some reason, this year's game will be on Jan 7, just 6 days after the Sugar Bowl.)

What nba team won the 1970 championship finals game 7?


What team has most losses in ncaa basketball championship game?


Which ncaa football team won the championship game in 2009?

Florida Gators

Can any college football team go to any bowl game?

No, teams do not apply to bowl games to play. Teams that play in BCS bowl games are based on their national ranking. The BCS bowls specify which ranking will play another ranking. Other bowl games have contracts with certain conferences which will specify that a member of that conference will play in the bowl game. Some examples are: 1) Outback Bowl - contracts with the Big 10 and SEC. A Big 10 team will play an SEC team. 2) Papa Johns Bowl - contracts with the Big East and SEC. An SEC team will play a Big East team. 3) Insight Bowl - contracts with the Big 10 and Big 12. The 6th place team in the Big 10 will play the 6th place team in the Big 12. 4) Music City Bowl - contracts with the SEC and ACC. An ACC team will play an SEC team.

How does a college football team clinch a bowl game?

A team becomes bowl eligible by winning six (6) games. In a schedule that is 11 or 12 games long, six wins guarantees at least a .500 record. Many people believe that a team can "guarantee" themselves bowl eligibility by stacking the non-conference schedule with FCS (formerly I-AA) schools. However, only one win against an FCS school counts toward the six wins. Therefore, if a FBS team beats two FCS teams, it will actually have to win seven games to be bowl eligible. Even after a team has become bowl eligible, though, it still must be invited to a bowl in order to play. There could be more bowl eligible teams than there are available spots in bowl games, therefore leaving teams out.

What team did notre dame play in 1973 bowl game?

in the sugar bowl the player alabama the final score was 24-23 notre dame

What team scored most points in a super bowl game?

Cincinnati Bengals

Which team is the underdog in the super bowl game?

Green Bay is favored by 2 1/2.

Has any ncaa basketball team won every game including the championship game?

NCAA Basketball There have been 7 NCAA basketball champions with perfect records: * 1956 San Francisco Dons (29-0) * 1957 North Carolina Tar Heels (32-0) * 1964 UCLA Bruins (30-0) * 1967 UCLA Bruins (30-0) * 1972 UCLA Bruins (30-0) * 1973 UCLA Bruins (30-0) * 1976 Indiana Hoosiers (32-0) The UCLA Bruins are the only team to have back-to-back perfect seasons (1972-1973) respectively creating a record of 60-0 technically. These 60 wins are included in a Division I record 88-game win streak by the Bruins.

What is the only non-expansion team that has yet to appear in a championship game?

Detroit Lions

How is the home team determined for the bcs championship game?

The team with the highest ranking in the final BCS poll before the game

What is the last team to win the nfl championship game?

Minnesota Vikings, 1969.

What 4 time super bowl team has never led at anytime in a super bowl game?

The Minnesota Vikings...big chokers

What college football team has most points in a bowl game?

ole miss rebels

What team alabama has played most often in a bowl game?


Which team scored the fewest points in a super bowl game?

Miami Dolphins

Who is the home team for the 2012 gator bowl game?

In the 2012 Gator Bowl, the Florida Gators will be the home team when they face the Ohio State Buckeyes in Jacksonville, Florida.

Why cant the oklahoma sooners football team win a bowl game?

cause they suck

First team that played home games in a dome to win super bowl?

St. Louis Rams - Super Bowl XXXIV