Video poker players: do you double-up?

Eve Bins asked a question: Video poker players: do you double-up?
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Deep stack poker strategy: should you sit out after you double up?

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Some video poker machines allow doubling up repeatedly following a winning hand while the others only permit players to utilize this feature once. Those in favor of this option will refer to it as “one of the better bets a player can make in any casino”.

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What to do after doubling up in poker? | splitsuit

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Should players use Double up while playing video poker? Yes, and no is our answer. That’s because this option comes with an almost equal number of pros and cons. Okay, the proposition is 50/50 if Double up is implemented after a winning hand of poker, and it does increase volatility without modifying the payback.

Video Poker - Double Up. Certain video poker machines have a "double down" or double-or-nothing wager feature when you win a hand. I usually avoid this wager, not wanting to risk winnings in excess of my original bet. But I AM tempted to try this wager on winning hands that only pay even money on the original bet.

After a video poker hand that pays out, you can select the Double Up feature, in which the machine deals five new cards. Four cards face down, while one, the "house card," faces up. Essentially, it's a game of war.

A lot of people will see that the dealer has a high card and opt not to play, and consequently see the dealer has a low card and always take the double up option... but it doesn't matter. In this game, the result is predetermined; the game knows whether you're going to win it or not, and nothing you do can alter that outcome (except not doubling up, of course). Since it's a 50/50 bet each way, it won't hurt you by taking it, and it won't help you, either.

You can bet $15 on a Pass Line bert (1.41% house edge), or bet $5 on a Pass Line Bet (1.41% house edge) and $10 on an Odds Bet (0% house edge). Taking advantage of the 0% house edge bet you reduce the overall house edge to 0.61%. Now back to Video Poker: Looking at that, it makes sense that Doubling Up does change expected loss - in the long ...

However, the double up option drastically increases variance, so you will need a much higher bankroll if you tend to double up your winnings often. If you double up multiple times after the initial double up is successful, you will need a huge bankroll. You can win big, but more often you will lose faster.

Played with a regular 52-card deck, the Deuces Wild Double Up video poker by Expanse Studios is aimed at new and seasoned poker players. If you have ever tried Deuces Wild, you won’t have trouble with this game. The main difference is that deuces are wild, being used as a substitute for winning cards or other. With this feature, Expanse Studio has successfully implemented a popular slot feature to a game of video poker. Wilds in slots are used to complete winning combinations, just like ...

True or False - Video poker players who play hunches or hold cards based on the flow of the game can do better the players who use a mathematically derived playing strategy. Note: for the next few questions decide whether the partial hand shown is an open or an inside straight / straight flush. 2 3 5. 3 4 5.

Save. If the odds are truly 50/50, then there's no point in playing it. Look at it this way: Say during your play, you get 10 double/nothings. On average, 5 will be winners, 5 will be losers. In theory, if you are playing the same bet, and if you play the option every time, or if you don't play the option at all, you'll wind up with the same ...

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