What are the rules of the card game bs?

Tomas Terry asked a question: What are the rules of the card game bs?
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Any player can call “BS" if they think the person is bluffing. If the player is bluffing, he or she drinks and picks up the stack of cards in the middle. If he or she isn't, the accuser drinks and take the cards. First one to get rid of all their cards wins.

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Win the game by playing all of the cards in your hand. Once one person has played all the cards in their hand, they are the winner.

Under the traditional BS card game rules, you use a regular deck of 52 cards. You can opt to add the Joker cards or not. If you use the Joker cards then they will act as wildcards like in Uno. This means they can be used in the place of any other card.

The object of BS is to get rid of one's cards. To do this you "bluff" your opponents. The play will go by card number, starting at aces, then two's, three's, four's, and so on. The starting player must place the ace of spades facedown on their first hand if they have it.

What are the rules for BS card game? The person with the Ace of Spades starts the game by placing the card in the center. From there the game moves in clockwise fashion with the next person placing all their 2’s in the center even if he or she has no 2’s. Then 3’s, 4’s, and so on. Any player can call “BS” if they think the person is ...

If the cards do not match what the player stated, then the player that discarded must take the entirety of the deck into his hand. If the cards to match what was claimed, then the player that called BS! is required to take the entirety of the stack into his hand. A player may not call BS! on themselves.

B.S. is a simple bluffing card game. It is known by many names including Cheat, I Doubt It, Bullshit, Bologna Sandwich, Bluff, and many others. BS is best played with 3+ players and the object of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards.

To start a session of the game Bullshit, you will need two to ten players and a standard deck of cards with the Jokers discarded. The dealer distributes cards until there are none left, which may leave some players with additional cards. However, this rarely increases their shot of winning.

Objective of the card game bullshit Be the first player to get rid of all your cards by either bluffing or calling bluffers out. Runner ups are sometimes declared so the game can continue once the first winner has been determined.

The aim is to get rid of all your cards by playing them to a discard pile. Since cards are played face down, giving players the option to lie about the cards they are playing, but if the lie is exposed they must pick up the pile. In this game each player plays the next rank above the previous player.

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