What do you do after you find a mate in wolf quest?

Don Streich asked a question: What do you do after you find a mate in wolf quest?
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🎮 For wolf quest what to do after and how to find a mate?

after finding a mate you save your game and press the Escape key. click the new game button and when you get to the main screen you go to single player again. Click the slough creek button and go to the wolf you want to play as

🎮 How do mate on wolf quest on multiplayer?

It is not possible to mate on Wolf Quest.

🎮 On wolf quest can you be your mate?

You CAN NOT be your mate!

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you should move on to the next leve in the single player menu- there you find a den, mark your turf, have pups and raise them! its very fun!

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What do you do if iyoucan't find a male wolf on wolf quest?

Keep looking, there's one out there. Make sure you visit all three wolf territories first.

Why do you need a mate on wolf quest to have pups?

Because wolves don't have pups if they don't get a mate.

Where can you find wolf quest for pc?

You can find it in Walmart it is probabaly $30.00!

What is a dispersal wolf on wolf quest?

A wolf that has left its home pack to start its own.

How do you find a den on wolf quest?


How do you find a user in wolf quest?

You can find a user that is playing on multiplayer. If you mean like on 1 player its your mate.(you need a disperel wolf of the oppisit gender of you)

What is bob on wolf quest?

Bob is a name for that grizzly bear on wolf quest.

What is in wolf quest 2.5?

In wolf quest 2.5, there is going to be lighting, time and weather. It is going to have bison and cougars. It will also have dawn dusk and early spring snow.

Where to find a dark wolf in adventure quest worlds?

:) ako budoy

Are there any 3d wolf rpg not wolf quest?

Try FeralHeart, its AWESOME, honestly

How does your wolf get pregnant in wolf quest?

if your character is male, your mate gets pregnant in the second wolf quest; but if your character is female, you get pregnant with your mate in the second wolf quest.

Where can i find a den on wolf quest episode 1?

There are no dens on episode 1.

Where can you find a dark wolf in adventure quest worlds?

pet shoppe

Do wolf quest accounts expire?

No, they do not expire.

Is wolf quest 3 out?

On July 25, 2019, Eduweb released WolfQuest 3: Anniversary Edition as early access for PC/Mac. The Anniversary Edition is a complete remake of the original game, redesigned the game from the ground up for modern gaming expectations and computer hardware.

Is wolf quest a virus?

No, Wolf Quest is a safe and free game.

Is wolf quest game free?

Yes, it's free, I downloaded it from the Wolf Quest website. If you type in wolf quest on Google, the first link - that's the official website. You can download it on there by clicking 'get the game'. It's a good game.

What is fang's username on wolf quest?

alot of fangs by now hes probably changed his name lol sorry

Does it show the wolf give birth in wolf quest?

no because its inapropriate

What happens if you find the summer den on wolf quest and you freeze?

Well i always save it then some back in the save (make sure your about to go in there) then your unfrozen

In wolf quest what elk is the weakest?

The cow elk. Don't go for the bull elk unless your mate is with you or you will die

What are some games related to wolf quest?

wolf quest is a great game and i would tell you to look for feral heart if you want a similar game. It isn't out yet but it should be by winter. Peace (: