What goes well with red hot pokers?

Janie Casper asked a question: What goes well with red hot pokers?
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Asters and sedums can be used as a fall color complement, and dahlias and cannas are surely great companions, too. Consider dahlia and canna varieties whose flowers and foliage complement the color of your Red Hot Poker plant. You also can never go wrong pairing Red Hot Pokers with ornamental grasses.

  • Dahlias – Red hot pokers, especially yellow varieties, look great alongside orange dahlias.
  • Cosmos – If you like hot color schemes, imagine red hot poker paired with bright pink cosmos.
  • Daylilies – Bi-color or orange daylilies look great in front of red hot pokers of nearly any color.

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Lamb’s ear – If you’re looking for more subtle red hot poker companion plants, try pairing red hot poker with silvery, soft lamb’s ear (Stachys byzantia). Baptisia – Also known as false indigo ( Baptisia australis ), this impressive perennial with spiky blooms and blue-green foliage provides a distinctive contrast with red hot poker.

Red hot pokers make good edging plants. They are striking and blossom long enough to serve as specimen plants. Their drought-tolerance makes them suitable for use in rock gardens, however, given their vigor, available space should be a consideration when choosing a location.

For optimum performance choose a spot in full sun with fertile, well-drained soil that isn’t too wet over winter. Smaller, narrow-leaved cultivars such as ‘Bees' Sunset’ are easier to combine with other plants than the larger sorts, and grow well in pots and containers. Aftercare. To help keep your red-hot pokers healthy; Tidy plants in mid spring

‘Nancy’s Red’ – produces bright red flower spikes between June and October. Team with other hot-coloured flowers, such as heleniums, rudbeckias and perennial grasses ‘Ice Queen’ – this is one of the palest red hot pokers available.

Play with shape and texture when choosing planting companions for red hot poker. In contrast with its bold, upright flower spikes, a host of mounding plants with curved leaves and flowers make excellent planting companions. Consider these favorites: purple coneflower, all types of perennial salvia, agave, and sedum.

Red hot poker plants are exotic beauties in the garden, but extremely easy to grow. The bright, wand-like flowers are loved by hummingbirds, and always please gardeners with their low-maintenance ways.When the correct time arrives, you’ll want to start cutting back red hot poker plants.

Red Hot Pokers: create a glorious field of colourful Kniphofia flowers (Image: Kings Seeds). Coming from South Africa, they are not completely hardy, particularly in the far north.

Attractive and long-lasting, award-winning Kniphofia 'Timothy' (Red Hot Pokers) is a clump-forming perennial with bronze stems bearing dense spikes of tubular, soft peachy salmon flowers from early summer to early fall. Changing color as the flower matures, this robust perennial displays the deepest shades in bud and fades as the flower opens, resulting in a bicolor look.

Plant red hot pokers in front of an evergreen hedge or along the edge of an evergreen tree to show off the colorful flowers. Plant them in clumps to have a greater visual effect instead of one individual plant. You can also plant Red Hot Pokers near a pond or wetland area, as long as they're planted in a well-drained soil.

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