What is a heater in poker?

Darwin Stoltenberg asked a question: What is a heater in poker?
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A "heater" is when everything is going right - hands when you are ahead are holding up, and hands where you are behind are catching up. That's a "heater".

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What does the term "heater" mean? In the world of poker, players will encounter upswings and downswings - that's just the nature of the game. Even Phil Ivey, who seemingly never loses money, goes through periods when he just can't win a hand. The opposite scenario is a "heater".

What Does It Mean in Poker? A “heater” means a winning streak or a good run of cards. “I’m on a heater, I’m up 10-buy-ins in my last 800 hands.” Also referred to as an upswing, or run-good.

EXAMPLE “I’ve won $2k at $1/$2 no-limit I’ve been on such a heater this week.” We hope you get a laugh out of this Not Sure If Good At Poker Or Fish On A Heater Futurama Fry Poker Meme. Related terms on PokerDictionary.net

What is a Poker Heater? A heater is when everything is going right and you’re winning everything. You’re winning coinflips in tournaments, hitting your draws and gaining coolers in your favour too. A heater is basically when you’re on the good side of variance.

A Short Aside on "Hot Hands" in Poker Rushes in poker have a parallel phenomenon in other sports: the so-called "hot hands" effect.Basketball coaches yell, "Get Joey the ball, he's got the hot hand." Baseball managers manipulate their lineups to get the guy with the "hot bat" an extra turn at the plate.

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