What is the biggest blunder in chess?

Jose Emard asked a question: What is the biggest blunder in chess?
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Probably the most famous one in history is the Blunder Bobby Fischer made in the first game in his World Championship Match against Spassky in 1972. Fischer had the black pieces, and it was his move on move 29, after Spassky had just play 29.


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🎮 What is a blunder vs mistake in chess?

A mistake is something that gives you a disadvantage or is a missed opportunity. A blunder makes you lose the game (assuming your opponent doesn't blunder as well or makes too many mistakes) or that the player missed a move that would've won the game.

🎮 How do you reduce the blunder in chess?

  1. Before moving, do a "tactics check". Once you have decided on the move you want to play, visualize it being played on the board…
  2. Find "the threat" behind your opponent's move. Most chess players make moves with some idea behind them…
  3. Make as few assumptions as possible.

🎮 Why do i blunder so much in chess?

In chess, a blunder is a critically bad move. It is usually caused by some tactical oversight, whether it be from time trouble, overconfidence or carelessness… Especially among amateur and novice players, blunders often occur because of a faulty thought process where they do not consider the opponent's forcing moves .

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