What network is bovada poker on?

Kim Hammes asked a question: What network is bovada poker on?
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Bovada poker review (same network as ignition)

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PaiWangLuo Network

✅ Is Bovada the same as Bodog? No, they are separate firms. They do share their sportsbook and casino software along with the poker client and traffic on the PaiWangLuo Network, but they have different cashier options and promotions.

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With mobile poker on Bovada you never have to make that decision again — you can play all the cash games found on our poker network from your Android or iOS device. Cut the boredom on your commute to and from work by playing any of the tournaments on offer at Bovada. All you need is a cell phone or tablet (like an iPad) and you’re good to go.

This is the biggest US ‘skin’ of the PaiWangLuo Poker Network. It was rebranded from ‘Bodog’ in 2011 – though kept the software and design of the old brand. Bovada is a portal offering sports betting and casino games as well as poker. It is hugely popular with sports bettors.

Bovada Poker Network Bovada is the US version of the well-known gambling enterprise Bodog. Since 2000 they have offered multiple products including casino games, sports, horse betting and, yes, poker.

Bovada is part of the Pai Wang Luo poker network, a worldwide poker group operating in more than 12 countries (USA, Australia, Canada, China, Vietnam, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, and Chile to name a few). Read about their various poker, casino, and sports bonuses, effective rakeback, payouts, and more.

If you live in Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, or New Jersey, your state has specific laws that preclude you from playing at Bovada Poker. If you live anywhere else, not only is Bovada your best option, it’s also your biggest, giving US customers access to the entire player pool on the PaiWangLuo Network.

Both Bovada Poker and Ignition Poker utilise the same poker network, which is considered the largest network for US-facing clients. However, when it comes to game variety, welcome bonuses, and loyalty programs, there’s quite a big difference when you compare the two.

Initially launched in 2004, Bovada Poker is a member of the PaiWangLuo network and does not have a regulated license behind its brand. In 2016, the company decided to move its poker product to a US-facing brand known as Ignition Casino.

Along with Ignition Poker, Bovada is part of the PaiWangLuo poker network. This is the largest offshore poker site network in the world open to USA players. That being said, reviewing raw player numbers at Bovada Poker is tricky, as they no longer even show a list of cash games in the lobby to get an idea of how many cash players/tables are active.

Horizon Poker Network: 100 As you can see, PaiWangLuo (also known as the Bovada Network) are the biggest by a significant margin. This US Poker network got a boost from opening up to Latin American countries. This added a lot of crazy players to the tables at the same time!

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