What poker term means to lose all your chips?

Marquis Jacobi asked a question: What poker term means to lose all your chips?
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Definition of Bleeding Chips

"Bleeding chips" refers to when a player in a poker game is slowly but surely losing all of the chips in their stack… Casual players will often find themselves "bleeding chips" thanks to their insistence on playing weak hands out of position.

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When the player bets all the remaining chips (his entire stack), he is all-in. It means, he already put all of the money in the pot, and will not need to do anything else in the hand.

In tournament play, the term means to remove all the small chips from play by rounding up any odd small chips to the nearest large denomination, rather than using a chip race. To steadily accumulate chips in tournament play, typically by winning small pots with minimal risk-taking.

Chip Dumping - Poker Definition | 888poker What is Chip Dumping in Poker? Chip dumping refers to the activity of deliberately losing chips to another player at the table.It’s something that criminals have been known to try in an attemptlaunder money they have gained by illegal means.

To lose all of your chips in play. Ie "Go bust." Busto. Slang for losing your entire bankroll, AKA going broke. Button. A puck used to denote the player acting as the dealer in the hand. Any player acting as the dealer is said to be “on the button." Buy-in. The initial amount of money needed to exchange into chips and begin playing. Buy the Button

back in after they have lost all their chips, for an agreed period of time. Re-raise: To raise after a raise has already been made. Ring Game: An alternative term for cash game. River: In some poker games that involve community cards, this is the final community card that’s dealt. Rock: A slang term for a very tight player. Royal Flush:

Lost all chips and out of the tournament. Button: (aka Dealer Button), disc that denotes which player is the “dealer” for that hand. Button position is dealt the last card and is last to act in each betting round

All-in When a player is all-in, they have bet all of their remaining chips, and can take no further active part in future betting rounds. Angle/Angle Shooting Attempting to manipulate the action or other players decisions through questionable or illegal behavior. Cheating. Ante Poker games like Stud are played with an ante; a forced bet that every player has to post before each round of betting.

A purchase of more chips (optional) at the end of the re-buy period in a tournament. All-In When a player bets all his/her chips.: In online poker, you may be deemed "All-in" when you are disconnected (even if you have chips remaining). American Airlines Two Aces. Ante Money placed in the pot before the hand is begun. Bad Beat

A strategy that is against the rules and spirit of poker, where one player deliberately losses his or her chips to another player at the table to boost their stack. Since chip dumping doesn’t make much sense in cash games, it is mostly used in tournaments and sit and go’s.

Pot – The place in the center of the poker table where wagered chips are placed. The winner of the hand wins all the chips in the pot. Pot Committed – The idea that a player has invested enough of his chip stack that folding at any point would now be a mistake.

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