What should you do at the turn in poker?

Amelie Walker asked a question: What should you do at the turn in poker?
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  • When you find yourself at the turn, you will normally be in one of the following situations. You are continuing with a strong hand. You are continuing with a bluff. You called with a mediocre made hand. You called for a draw on the flop and missed. You called for a draw on the flop and hit. 1] You are continuing with a strong hand.

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The first and probably most obvious way to start winning more pots on the turn in poker is just to start double barreling more often. What I mean by this is that as the preflop raiser, you bet the flop and then you bet the turn again. This is a very strong line that essentially forces them to have something really good in order to continue.

Finally, you should use this bet the flop and check the turn strategy yourself when you are heads-up against a maniac with a reasonably good hand. Let's say you have A-Q. The maniac raises, you ...

Playing the turn and the river after the flop requires different skills. Read the guide on poker river and learn how to make the most of the turn and the river If you raise and someone re-raises, it usually means they’ve got a set or a straight (in other words, time to fold) If ...

Do You Burn a Card Before Dealing to the Players? No. Once the deck is cut, the dealer deals the first card directly off the top of the deck. The only time a card is burned is immediately before dealing the flop, turn, or river. No more than 3 cards should ever be ...

When playing at a poker table, you should wait until it is your turn to act before you fold. While you may have been dealt poor cards and you would love to toss them in immediately, you need to be patient and wait for the other players ahead of you to fold, call, or raise.

Or you could fire another barrel on the turn. Alternatively, you can use the raise as a free-card play on the turn. When you raise the flop and get called, usually the caller will then check to you on the turn. At this point you can decide whether to fire again or you can check and take a free card to your straight!

Whether you're playing at a home game or in a casino, there is basic poker etiquette that any player should know and follow. These (usually) unspoken poker rules of good behavior make sure the game is fair and runs smoothly, no matter what kind of game you’re

If two of you are in the pot and another player is all-in you should do whatever is necessary to eliminate the opponent who is all-in. Usually, this means checking the hand down to give the maximum possible chance of eliminating the third player (if your hand doesn't eliminate the all-in player, your opponent's hand might).

b) If you opponent calls your semi-bluff, you have the chance to complete your draw on the turn & river. Because most opponents who check/call your flop bet will also check again to you on the turn – you have the options of seeing both the turn and river cards after betting the flop.

Poker traps are a topic that I don't think is addressed nearly enough in many articles and publications. While every professional poker player is usually highlighted by their ability to set, spot and avoid traps, most amateur poker players rarely know when they are about to get pounced on until it's ...

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