What's the best way to play poker against an aggressive player?

Khalil Harber asked a question: What's the best way to play poker against an aggressive player?
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  • Poker Tactics Against Aggressive Players The Slowplay: If you know your opponent is the type to bet-bet-bet and play aggressively, slow-playing is an excellent strategy to use with some of your strongest hands.

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This shift happens because this type opponent is very likely to double barrel with hands such as J9 and QQ, going much thinner for value than a more conservative, tight aggressive player. This will cut down on the profitability of our weakest pairs, such as 8x. Exploiting the Over-Value Bettor. This opponent is tricky to play against.

Most people let their ego get involved and they start 4Betting and 5Betting the aggressive player light with all sorts of ridiculous hands. They will also start calling 3Bets out of position and floating and raising postflop with weak hands. Both of these strategies are doomed to failure and here is why.

It really depends who you’re playing against. Hands like Ace-Jack offsuit, King-Queen, King-Jack, middle pocket pairs, have super high value against a loose-aggressive player, but are very weak when against a tight-aggressive opponent. Hand Example – Opening Up Your Range. No Limit Hold’em Tournament Play; Blinds: 25/50

One of the best and the easiest ways to deal with tight players in poker is to bluff and raise more often when playing against them. This is a very important tactic because it confuses the players playing against you.

Possibly the simplest way to combat a tight-aggressive player is to fold whenever they start betting. You know they have a strong hand, so don't take them on. If you have a seemingly unbeatable opponent, there is no shame in stepping out of their way.

For the most part, I talk a lot about slowplaying being bad and that fast playing is the best way to capitalise on your opponents mistakes. However, its pretty much the opposite story against loose...

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most difficult player to combat at the cash game tables or in tournaments is one who plays a loose-aggressive poker strategy and plays it well. A good...

An aggressive poker player will rarely limp into a pot, but will instead raise or even re-raise if the situation warrants it. After the flop an aggressive poker player generally continuation bets...

Let him do the betting for you. When you get to the turn or river, put in a min-raise or raise three times the amount he bet. If you min-raise him, he will almost never fold (unless he’s an exceptional player). That’s too cheap of a price for an aggressive poker player to fold.

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