What's the house edge on caribbean stud poker?

Gerson Lemke asked a question: What's the house edge on caribbean stud poker?
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  • The progressive bet is still in play. While Caribbean Stud Poker is considered a skill game, there is little to learn in terms of strategy. The house edge is 2.59% for players that always raise with ace-king-jack-eight-three or better. An advanced version removes 0.04% from the house edge.

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Caribbean Stud Poker Optimal Strategy Introduction With a pair or higher, raise. With less than A/K (player has an ace and a king, plus three other singletons, excpet Q-J-10), fold. With A/K, the following table shows ...

The Wizard of Odds answers readers' questions about Caribbean Stud Poker. The Wizard of Odds The Wizard of Odds Search The Wizard of Odds Odds & Strategies Alphabetical List of Games Blackjack Variants ...

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Conclusion: Given the assumptions of playing perfect strategy, and a standard Caribbean Stud Pay Table, the Expected Return on Caribbean Poker is -0.0522, and the corresponding Caribbean Stud In other words you will lose on average 5.22 cents of each $1 Ante bet you make, which is rather high.

This method reduces the house edge by 2.3% which is considered as very good in Caribbean Stud Poker. Payout Even Money would be received by the player if his hand beats the dealer on the ante. The payout table is described

Video Poker 0.46% Caribbean Stud 5.22% Hold'em 2.36% Sic Bo 2.78 - 33.33% You'll notice that in some cases the house edge is variable. This isn't down to the casino, but certain conditions within ...

Considering its house edge and other factors, we thought of digging into the game and we came to conclude that the payout of Caribbean stud poker isn’t as bad as it initially seems. With a better strategy, you can lower the house edge and bring the outcome in your favor.

The house edge of dealer poker games is complex. Each hand has a different return to player. A standard set of calculations produces a house edge of a little over 5% for the game as a whole, but some betting experts say that the game offers better returns than this when the risks of raising and the mechanism of folding are factored in.

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