Where is the spooky mansion in minecraft?

Michaela Kub asked a question: Where is the spooky mansion in minecraft?
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It looks like a giant mansion and is only found in the Dark Forest biome. The outside of the Woodland Mansion is made up of dark oak wood planks, dark oak wood and cobblestone and it is decorated with large glass windows. The mansion is 3 floors high and filled with many rooms to explore.

  • The Spooky Mansion is a location in Minecraft: Story Mode that appeared in "A Portal to Mystery". It is owned by The White Pumpkin and is accessed by the golden Mansion Portal from The Portal Network.

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Raiding the spooky mansion in minecraft

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After solving puzzles in the mansion you’re shifted into a virtual reality world that was never explained to the players. There is nothing ‘spooky’ about trading with villagers in a generic co-op map that has no tie to the story. Luckily, it wasn’t long until we finally got access into the dark and scary dungeon below the mansion.

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Minecraft is back!!!-going to the spooky Mansion

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A woodland mansion is a massive systematically-generated structure found in dark forests and their hill variants, often far away from the world spawn point. A mansion is inhabited by evokers and vindicators, and is one of the few places where a totem of undying can be obtained, aside from raids.

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