Who is in charge of minecraft mondays?

Fabiola Greenholt asked a question: Who is in charge of minecraft mondays?
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Minecraft Monday was a popular Minecraft event hosted by Keemstar for popular Minecraft streamers every Monday. The event split the players into teams of two and originally featured rounds of Minecraft Hunger Games before adopting other games, such as spleef, in later weeks.


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🎮 Can anyone enter minecraft mondays?

You'll first need to do a bit of work to gain access to the server. Minecraft Monday runs its servers on an older version of Minecraft for some of its games, so if you updated the game recently, you'll need to do some work to join… You can then go into the multiplayer option and choose to join the server as normal.

🎮 Which minecraft mondays has techno won?

  • Technoblade was a contestant in Minecraft Monday Week 1 as a member of team 16 with ShotGunRaids, with the two winning the week. He later competed in Week 2 as a member of team 3 where he won again with IBallisticSquid.

🎮 What does quick charge does minecraft?

  • Quick Charge in Minecraft Supported Platforms. Yes ( 1.10.0) Yes ( 1.10.0) Yes ( 1.10.0) Yes ( 1.10.0) Yes ( 1.12.0) * The version that it was added or removed, if applicable. Background… Items to Enchant with Quick Charge Hold the Enchanted Crossbow… Enchantment ID and Name… Enchant Command for Quick Charge

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